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Want to contribute to Eco Warrior Princess?

Are you a blogger looking to share your ethical fashion journey? Or do you just have some unique content on sustainability that you’re looking to get published?

Good news: Eco Warrior Princess accepts submissions from individual guest bloggers!

Please make sure to read our contributions document titled What Eco Warrior Princess Contributors Need to Know so you have an understanding of what we are looking for in writers.

To access the information, click here.

Now given the volume of emails we receive it isn’t possible to reply to every single email. If you want yours read and your contribution accepted, it’s important you read the submission guidelines below before submitting your work. It’s also important to review the site so you understand the overall theme and tone.

Please note: We no longer accept business submissions. Should you wish to advertise, get in touch via the contact page and check out our advertising packages.

Submission Guidelines

  • Article length: 700 – 2500 words
  • Blog topics: Sustainable and ethical fashion, green lifestyle, mindful business tips, minimalist living, zero waste, sustainability, environmental causes, green politics, organic food and sustainable agriculture and social justice issues. Please review our website before making a pitch so you understand the topics that have been covered.
  • Original content only (once published on our site, please do not publish it afterwards… yes this has happened before which is why we make mention of it here!)
  • Content needs to be well-written and well-researched with data, quotes and other information as expected by our discerning readers.


It is recommended that each article and post include images or graphics. For specific images or graphics, please follow these guidelines:

  • Format: .jpg or .png
  • Size: Images at least 1000 x 800
  • Sourcing: Name of source (for attribution purposes, please make sure that you have permission to use photographs)

Bio (to create a user profile)

Please provide a brief biography outlining your expertise (max 50 words)

You will need to provide social media links so that we can verify your legitimacy and desire to write a piece that is informative, well-written, fact-checked and fits in with the expectations of our readers.

You will also need to provide your headshot image for the bio.


  • Email your submission to hello[at]ecowarriorprincess[dot]net with the following attachments: Word Doc of your post, images in acceptable formats, separate Word Doc with author bio and bio headshot picture.


  • Publication date is usually 7 days after submission (depending on editorial calendar). We will inform you either way if the post is approved or not
  • Final editorial approval rests with Eco Warrior Princess. We reserve the right to edit posts as required to fit the style, voice and expectations of our readers. We also reserve the right not to publish any post at all times.


  • You must be willing to provide your contact details, social media accounts and website URL to confirm credibility
  • You must be willing to share the post with your social media followers as the aim is to facilitate cross-promotion of ideas and brand awareness
  • Linking to your own website is okay but any references to your Amazon store or other affiliate programs is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to include links to other types of affiliate marketing you must first seek authorisation from Eco Warrior Princess.
  • If you receive a comment on your post/article, we highly encourage that you respond as this facilitates genuine engagement with our community which is something we take seriously given that we care about being part of changing the conversation to one that is substantial, not shallow.


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