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Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup 2018 #SuitUpToCleanUp

September 15, 2018

Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup 2018 #SuitUpToCleanUp

September 15 is Ocean Conservancy’s 33rd annual International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). This year they’ve launched their new #SuitUpToCleanUp campaign encouraging people to suit up and head to their local beach or waterway to help pick up litter and plastic debris.

Each year, millions of tonnes of trash—including an estimated 8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste—enter our oceans through rivers, waterways and beaches, injuring and killing wildlife, polluting coastlines, and even entering the food chain with the potential to harm human health. The annual International Coastal Cleanup goes a long way to dealing with this problem.

Since its launch on a single beach in Texas in 1986, the event now spans the globe, with 100 participating countries and hundreds of thousands of volunteers all committing to a single-day of practical environmental action – a beach cleanup. Over the last three decades, this yearly coastal cleanup has helped to remove a total of 250 million pounds (113 million kilograms) of trash from beach coastlines and waterways.

Last year alone almost 800,000 volunteers helped to collect 9.3 million kilograms (20.5 million pounds) of trash, much of it single-use disposable plastic. In the US, the results of the International Coastal Cleanup are as follows:

USA International Coastal Cleanup Data Results

In its press release, Janis Searles Jones Washington, CEO of the D.C.-based environmental nonprofit said:

“The ocean plastic crisis has seized the public’s attention like never before and people are looking for ways to take action. The message behind #suituptocleanup is simple: whether in cutoffs, superhero capes, or simply a bathing suit, you can be an ocean hero and have a real and immediate impact on ocean health by joining the ICC, rolling up your sleeves, and picking up trash.”

To participate in the International Coastal Cleanup and join the fight against ocean plastic, visit suituptocleanup.org.


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