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Jennifer Nini, Editor-in-chief

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  • follow Earth Wear Eco Fashions on Facebook
    adminstrated by my mate: Judy Chant, another woman you’d love to meet, be facinated by stories of life as a chef living in the Tassie forrest cooking for BOB BROWN no less. I will have to organise a Dec drinks at the shop to bring all the lovely people of Warwick toghther. Are you around for Boxing Day Races? I’ll dress you & Ben if he’s into it, The race day is second only to rodeo on Warwick social calendar ….. apparently!

  • Yes Bob Brown, I had an opportunity to meet him when he was in Melbourne for a pre-rally campaign in Richmond, so disappointed I wasn’t able to get there! I’m not sure if we will be around for Boxing Day races – we might be in Brissy spending time with Ben’s family but if not, count us in! p.s. I have jumped onto Facebook but you probably would have noticed that already 🙂

    • Thanks so much – actually you and I are on the same wavelength because I have recently been thinking about starting an eco label.. watch this space!

      Where are you writing from? How did you find my blog?

    • Hi Ben, appreciate you sending that information to me. I had a quick look at the websites and also spoke with a few clients who are interested in this and really keen to be a part of it. I’ve missed some of the community forums but will try and go to the next one. On a professional level, you’ll hear from me given our mutual clients! Have an awesome weekend and thanks again for sending your personal email address. Will keep that for future reference. Cheers, Jen

  • Hello Jennifer ,

    I see you in the Peppermint magazine . Great that you are in to helping preserve the environment and i noticed that you do not dye your hair. Commercial hair dye is toxic however we offer Henna which is wonderful . Certified and Vegan with 100% plant colours . You may wish to try our Certified cosmetics in Logona and Sante also with Vegan and Gluten free details .

    I agree with Ben on . There is some really great work happening there at this moment . i will be protesting at Cecil Plains Qld this week sometime, check it out, and i look foreward to seeing your clothes online.

    • Hi Susan,

      Great to hear from you and glad you got in touch after seeing the Peppermint Mag feature! I am currently writing a post about Lock the Gate which I plan to post very soon. There is much support where I live as many locals are concerned about how this affects them and many farmers (there are many in our region) that are concerned also. Of course I am an activist for such things and Lock the Gate Alliance is very dear to me. Please let me know how you’re protest goes in Cecil Plains! I may even touch base and ask a few questions to help bloster my writing piece 🙂

  • hello, I’m trying to contact Michelle Michelin Law to let her know some important news about a close friend – can you please let me know if you can pass on my details and have her call me Ingrid 0422 418704 urgently.
    Thank you

    • Hi Ana, I’m not sure how I missed your comment! Nevertheless I thought I’d respond now. I’ve had a look at your blog too and think its fabulous! Please let me know if you are ever in Melbourne as I am always interested in meeting like-minded individuals. We had the Sustainable Living Festival here not too long ago and I met so many people like ourselves who are interested in wanting to make this world a healthier better place. Are you on Instagram? Twitter? I am also the Marketing & PR Intern for Eco Brides Magazine so feel free to follow me on there too! Have a wonderful night! Jen xxx

  • Hi there nice blog, always room for another eco fashion warrior online! Have a look at our website and check out our story— we make things from recycled Tuna Hides (vegetable tanned) using only fish factory waste…

    • I have been really busy and of course have only gotten around to getting back to you about this now – I’m really keen about this idea… are you able to email me at hello[at]ecowarriorprincess[dot]com[dot]au ??

  • I love making friends and continue the exchange of information related to Eco Warrior and Papua Eco Tourism Sustainable …..

    I am a West Papuan, and have Eco Travel to West Papua, I would like to further communication and be friends with you.

    My Blog while developing Eco Tourism at the following address:


    I am happy if Jennifer response back me.

    My warm greetings of Papua Eco Tourism

    Tarry L. YIKWA
    Sorong, West Papua
    Papua Eco Tourism

  • Hi Jennifer

    I just found your blog and I’m addicted! I love your writing style and your passion for eco fashion and making a difference. I would like to introduce Oz Fair Trade, my start-up charity that aims to help people through trade. I have an eco-friendly range ( which might interest you. Please drop me an email if you’d like more information.

    Have a nice day and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Qinnie,

      Sounds like you’re doing amazingly yourself! I have just returned from holidays and will definitely shoot you an email as I’d like to learn more about what you’re doing and seeing how we can collaborate and really continue raising awareness of these ethical and sustainable industries! x

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I imagine you are aware of Pants to Poverty, the best ethical, organic and Fairtrade underwear brand in the world and so we would like to share some Pantastic news with you!

    I am looking for a contact detail to send a press release too, and was wondering if you could help me?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Thanks for the feedback Valerie – the last 24 hours has been a nightmare with our hosting provider. Yesterday I posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram so everyone of my committed followers is aware. Please try now if you still want to enter. I’ve been working on the website problem and hopefully the issues have now been resolved.

  • Hi Jen,
    I just discovered your blog and am so impressed! We need more fashionistas like you who really get sustainable fashion and take it seriously – while still looking amazing.
    You’ve won a new fan 🙂

    • Thanks Candice! So glad you found me. Yes I’ve been on about eco fashion and sustainable lifestyle for a while now. How about yourself? I’ll have to check out your website now as I do have a love of vintage 🙂

  • Hello!

    I am a partner and designer at Naz&Court – Sustainable Ethical Made in LA.

    We have been named “The Future” of fashion by United Nations Fashion Fights Poverty and we are constantly working towards the goal of making slow fashion the new normal. Our designs are modern classics, simple yet forward thinking aesthetic.

    I’m writing to you because we are doing a crowdfunding campaign bring our samples into into production for trade shows, show rooms, and runway shows all before our collaboration with United Nations Fashion Fights Poverty Runway show produced by E-News in March. We want to have all of our products ready made for our attendees who will get to see our fashion and our fashion film ECO – the first fashion film with a sustainable wardrobe.

    We would love to tell our story with you, and if you are so willing, to publish our campaign on your page.

    Much love,

    Courtney Barriger
    Partner, Designer, Naz&Court
    904-304-4752 | |
    Rebels with a Cause. Sustainable. Ethical.

    • Thanks Courtney, our editorial calendar is pretty full but I will share with the team and if we think it is relevant and topical, we may proceed. We will try to share your indiegogo with our social media followers too. Good luck with it all!

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