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Thanks for your interest in connecting with us.

We welcome every opportunity to connect, network and share ideas on how to make this world a better place. Please fill out the contact form below with clear questions or suggestions you have.

However a heads up:

We get hundreds of emails per week and even though we spend hours answering emails each day, we’re still drowning in it.

The way we see it is you can drown in emails or you can be swimming ahead in life.

So as we choose life, we hope you’ll understand if we don’t get back to you in a timely manner, or if ever. There’s just no way we can physically respond to every single email.

If your email is relevant, we will attempt to respond within the week. We’re trying the best we can and that’s all we can do. Plus we’re busy trying to change the world not conform to it!

If you want to further understand our position on email and learn exactly what our priorities are, please read this post.

Note: If you’re a spammer, or insincere, or haven’t complied with our submission requirements, your email will automatically get deleted.

Eco gifts

We are committed to minimalist living and sustainability, so if you decide to send us a gift, please review our site to determine whether it fits in with our aesthetics and audience.

Please also note that gifts are gifts.

We are not obligated to promote, advertise, write or post on social media about your gift.

If you still want to post us your gift because you think we’ll love it, the feel free to get in touch.

Sustainability and other eco fashion events

If you’re contacting us about an event it’s important to note that we generally need a month’s notice before we can publish as we plan our editorial calendar well in advance. Staff resources are allocated based on what’s on our editorial calendar.

Guest contributions

We do accept guest posts. Please read our submissions guidelines and how you can submit an article here.

Business advertising

If you’re looking to advertise on this website, wish for us to review your product, would like us to write a sponsored post, or even be a brand ambassador, make sure to download our current media kit. If you’re happy with our advertising packages and want to go ahead, make sure to contact us using the form below. We will endeavour to respond within a week.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter for all the latest eco-friendly tips, news and giveaways. If you run a business we encourage you do this as you’ll get a clearer idea of the kinds of things we share with our readers and what they care about, that way you’ll know whether your product or service is right for the EWP community.

Now that being said, let’s keep being the change peeps.


Jennifer Nini, Editor-in-chief

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