Advertising Guidelines

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We work with advertisers that meet our ethical standards.

The primary consideration for us is that Eco Warrior Princess (EWP) must maintain its editorial integrity. The trust of our readers is of paramount importance and surpasses any other priority. The purpose of the guidelines is to protect the trust and transparency that exists between EWP, readers and advertisers.

These guidelines apply to all advertisements and other sponsored content that appear on EWP, social media channels and other distribution channels.

  • We refuse the right to enter into any relationship with an advertiser that compromises EWP’s editorial integrity.
  • All advertising will be clearly distinguished on the site with a disclosure that states as such. Advertising and sponsored content will also be distinguished on Instagram using the hashtag #sponsored or #ad.
  • EWP reserves the right to refuse or remove any advertising that is inconsistent with the editorial mission or harms the reputation of EWP, even without prior notice to the client and regardless of whether it has been accepted or scheduled to be published by business operations staff.
  • EWP may reject or remove advertising that contains false, deceptive, misleading, or illegal content; or anything that will cause harm to the reputation of the EWP brand.
  • All sponsored content on the site will be open for comments. Advertisers will have no role in moderating comments on the site or on social media. Moderation will be performed by EWP staff according to community policies that moderate comments for profanity, abuse, and hate speech.

These guidelines will be reviewed and updated in line with the fast-changing media landscape. We understand that it cannot possibly cover all advertising situations that may arise, but is a starting point. Each advertising partnership will be determined on a case-by-case basis.