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Want your ethical brand to be seen by the right people?

Eco Warrior Princess knows how tough it is to compete in a world that is obsessed with consuming cheap, nasty, toxic, non-ethically made trash!

That’s why we’re giving socially responsible and eco-friendly businesses the opportunity to advertise to our worldwide audience.

Now if you’re keen to learn about traffic numbers, email subscribers and other important website data, make sure to check out our transparency reports here.

Here is a quick snapshot of our site’s key metrics to give you an insight to our popularity and influence (data accurate as at June 7 2017):

  • Monthly users: 25,611
  • Social media followers: 29,816
  • Email subscribers: 4,848
  • Pageviews: 47,768
  • Session duration: 0:01:39

Like what you see? Well read on…


Now first things first.

We do expect compensation for our time and efforts if you want us to promote YOUR business. It is simply not okay for businesses to expect to get ‘free’ promotion.


Well we work in the space of conscious business and we all know that ‘free’ isn’t exactly free and that someone, somewhere is paying for it (yes it’s a twist on Lucy Siegle’s words). Exploitation comes in many guises and well, we just don’t believe in exploiting others just to ‘get ahead’. That is not the business model we’re interested in. And because of this, we are aware not to be exploited ourselves. Simple as that.

We believe in fair trade. Not just the fair trade that helps people out of poverty in the developing worlds. We believe in the fair trade that occurs between two mindful business parties. In a nutshell, we believe in fairness.

You can learn more about how we feel about compensation here.

Now with that said, let’s discuss the Eco Warrior Princess readership.


Now Eco Warrior Princess readers care about design. Yes, they are interested in socially conscious businesses. Yes, they care about sustainable production. But their first love is a love of good design.

Our readers are:

  • women 20-40 yo
  • educated
  • urban dwellers
  • appreciate fashion and design integrity
  • are environmentally and socially conscious
  • seeking to make better consumer choices without compromising style


It takes two great parties to make a relationship great. We know we’re great: we’re honest, we’re open, we’re positive, we’re loyal, we really care.

We want to know if YOU’RE great.

You see, for us to know whether this advertising partnership will work, we need to assess whether your brand is the right fit for Eco Warrior Princess.

Now if you are looking to advertise with us, please remember that we aren’t a normal publication. We have a particular style aesthetic, a strong rational editorial voice, and have high ethical standards that you’ll have to meet.

This means we won’t ever promote: gambling, e-cigarettes, headbands, crocs, friendship bracelets, fisherman’s pants, healing crystals, and anything too hippie dippie.

So if you don’t fall into any of the above categories and think your brand suits Eco Warrior Princess, here are the attributes we look for in our advertising partners:

  • Fairtrade
  • Certified Organic
  • Eco-friendly fabrics & materials
  • Ethical Accreditations
  • Sustainable Production
  • Made in Australia
  • Charitable donations
  • Socially responsible practices
  • Low-waste or Zero-waste


Here’s what we offer our ethical advertisers:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertisements
  • Email marketing
  • Guest posts
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media promotion

If you like what you’ve read and want to work together, we’d love if you could read this page first as you may find that supporting us in this way is more suitable to your marketing strategy.

You can also download our current media kit here.



  • Hi there. Great job on site. Just found you. Can you help me please. I am looking to resell these awesome organic cotton bras and also mix in handmade pieces of hemp/organic cotton. What can I do that is best? Etsy or independent shop online or blog link or what? please help me! I love your site you are doing a great job. I’m going to invest 1000 dollars in a wholesale lot of bras and they are awesome but I’m nervous about the investment. I know you would like the bras from what I have observed of your style. Thank you eco princess warrior.


    • Hi Marijana! Thanks for touching base. Wow, sounds like a major decision but an exciting one if you do go ahead with it! I’m probably not the best person to ask given that I’m not privy to all information but if you like, please send me an email to if you have images and I can let you know what I think from there? First and foremost it begins with nice ethical design and sustainably made. If designed well, price is reasonable and you market well (remember marketing is everything!!!), there’s no reason you can’t do well. Make sure you market the designs on social media and join sustainable minded groups too. Start networking and once you’re ready, start taking amazing images of the pieces you have. Do really nice photos and participate in editorials if you can. If you post these and they’re really nice, they should sell themselves 🙂 But remember to have a really nice website first so you can showcase what you have. And then what I would do is check out Etsy. I’m not sure of the terms on there, but they seem like a nice independent store. I only really deal with businesses who sell directly through their own websites and wholesale to others so sorry I can’t help much on that front. And Good luck!!! 🙂

  • I just stumbled onto to your site and facebook page. Very interesting blog. Way to go on living off the grid. I currently am in the process as best I can. I have a 100% Organic cotton shirt company. Here in the USA. I ship worldwide. Eco-chic is what my shirts exude no fashion compromise.
    I love to hear opinions and feedback on my clothing. Ethically made and local printing here to save on carbon footprint. Looking forward to keeping up to date on your happenings. Please check us out of facebook – as I’ve liked your page. . Love Green, Be Green, Live Green! Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for getting in touch and sharing your business story. I will definitely check it out particularly as you’ve mentioned you have not compromised on fashion. Design and style is as important to me ethics so good to know. And feel free to keep in touch and share things on social media that you think our audience will like or be interested in! 🙂

  • Hi Jennifer,

    We’re excited to have found your blog!

    We would love the opportunity to explore the possibility of working with you (e.g. giveaways, product review, advertisements). We’re a new company, Teeminder, dedicated to selling 100% organic cotton tees with empowering life reminders (and designs) that are printed with low-impact dyes. We’re a husband and wife duo with two young daughters. We aim to model greener choices within our own family, increase consumer awareness about choosing tees that support a healthier and cleaner planet, and spread positive vibes.

    We’d love for you to check out our first batch of organic cotton tees at and let us know what you think!

    Thank you so much 🙂

    All the best,

  • Good day Jennifer,

    I am Julia, daughter and manager of Homestead Emporium, working alongside my mom as our family strives towards a self-sustaining lifestyle.
    We absolutely love your blog and what you are achieving through it, and would enjoy the opportunity to work with you regarding product reviews and giveaways!

    Here at Homestead Emporium, we work hard at creating luxurious, handmade, reusable cloth products for the whole family. Specializing in woman’s cloth menstrual pads made with super soft, hand-dyed, bamboo fabrics, proudly giving women world wide the ability to choose a natural and healthy alternative for almost 13 years.

    We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Also, feel free to check out our website and/or Facebook page

    From our family to yours,

    • Hi Julia!

      Thank you so much for getting in touch. I like the sounds of your business and I also like that you’ve been at it for a while 🙂 Where abouts are you based? Now I will direct you to this page as it sets out what you need to know and you’ll find a link to the media kit at the bottom that provides cost details.

      If you have any questions from there, please send an email through the contact page.



  • Hi Jennifer,

    I am Gianmarco, from We sell organic and ethically manufactured garments solely based on the idea of sustainability through energies generated from wind and solar power.

    I really liked your blog and would be a pleasure to work with you regarding product reviews and guest post!

    Look forward to hearing back from you. Also, feel free to check out our website and/or Facebook page


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