7 Creative Gifts for Plant and Flower Lovers

7 Creative Gifts for Plant and Flower Lovers

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Succulents make a cute gift, but let’s face it, during the days of pandemic lockdowns, in an effort to connect with the natural world, most people turned to gardening and some built impressive succulent collections. Since succulents multiply and are easily propagated, a succulent gift post-COVID just doesn’t have the same impact as it once did. Come to think of it, nor do house plants. After all, there’s only so many Monsteras and peace lilies one can own.

So if you’re stuck on ideas for what to get your nature-obsessed, eco-conscious friend or family member and want to move beyond just giving plants, this gift guide is for you. Here are some creative ideas we hope will inspire your gift giving:

The Flower Press Kit

The hobby of pressing flowers and leaves is making a comeback as more folks look to get in touch with nature in new and interesting ways. No longer an activity for those wanting to press floral bouquets as keepsakes, flower pressing enables people to create beautiful art as well as jewellery and home decor with the finished pressed flower and plants. Flower pressing also encourages people to go outside, collect foliage and flowers and discover plant species. Our pick is the Flower Press Kit by Textures Factory because they seem to have thought of everything; it comes complete with 17x23cm handmade flower press, silk printed ‘Herbarium’ to collect pressed flowers, cardboard sheets for the press, scissors, step-by-step illustrated handbook and organic cotton bag.

Price AUD$67.44 Buy it here.

Aqua Culture Vase

Designed to help propagate plants, the Aqua Culture Vase made by Japanese brand Kinto is the ideal gift for the indoor gardener. Consisting of a removable plate propped up on a stylish vase, just fill with water, sit on the dish and ensure bottom of plant reaches water to enable growth. Ideal for propagating single stem cuttings, avocados and even onion and flower bulbs – all of which will grow roots when left long enough and can then be potted on.

Price ranges AUD$40-$55 depending on size. Buy it here.

Pressed Fruit & Flower iPhone Case

A great gift for recipients who enjoy one-of-a-kind unique items, this handcrafted iPhone by Backyard Florist case features a variety of seasonal flowers, leaves and fruit such as rose, daisy, strawberry and kiwi that are carefully hand picked. Given that each season brings different leaves, flowers and foliage, you can rest assured that no two pressed fruit and flower iPhone cases will be the same.

Price AUD$29.89. Buy it here.

Vertical Garden

A wonderfully practical gift for the garden lovers who don’t have space to grow herbs and flowers, this stand alone Vertical Garden features six planters holding up to 24 plants. Each planter is connected vertically and the entire system can be easily watered from the top planter, with water making its way down to the bottom until it’s all full. This vertical garden also comes with brackets screws and plugs for easy mounting on a wall or fence or it can be left on its mobile rack.

Sale price AUD$129 (was $258). Shop here.

Zero Waste Flower Tote

If your gift recipient enjoys buying fresh flowers at the farmers’ markets each week, this Jardin Zero Waste Flower Tote made in San Francisco from surplus (organic cotton) denim will mean they will never have to accept single-use paper and plastic bouquet wrapping ever again. This reusable flower tote is designed to replace single-use bouquet packaging and can hold flower bouquets, foliage stems and herbs. It features ties to properly secure plant stems and can be machine washed and reused over and over again.

Price US$58.94. Buy it here.

HAWS 1L Watering Can

Believed to be the world’s oldest watering can manufacturer, HAWS – a British brand founded in 1886 – remains dedicated to handcrafting its metal watering cans using its original shape which dates back a century. Still manufactured in Smethwick, the watering cans feature superior design, ergonomic handles and high-quality powder coated steel. Want to gift a watering can that’s built to last a lifetime? Look no further, this is it.

RRP $198.95. Available in wide range of colours including duck egg blue (pictured below), cream, copper (pictured below), sage and graphite. Shop here.

Pressed Botanical Wall Art

For the flower obsessed art collector, a gift of pressed flower wall art won’t disappoint. Each handmade piece is custom made and personalised and features different varieties of pressed botanicals that make each produce unique. Know the recipient’s favourite flowers and colours? Share with Careation Designs to help the team configure a piece that perfectly suits their tastes and preferences.

Price AUD$44.37-$197 depending on size and style. Buy it here.

Disclosure: This curated list does not fully take into account all ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. Prices are correct at time of publishing. For more information, click here. Cover image of Flower Press Kit by Textures Factory.

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