Pandemic Leads to Increased Demand for Animal Welfare in Fashion, New Poll Reveals

Pandemic Leads to Increased Demand for Animal Welfare in Fashion, New Poll Reveals

A new poll reveals there is strong demand for animal welfare in fashion. The YouGov poll of almost 14,000 participants across twelve countries commissioned by global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS shows that almost 90% of respondents want fashion industry to prioritise animal welfare alongside environmental protection and social standards.

According to the online poll conducted in January 2021, two thirds of adults (64%) are aware of animal cruelty in the fashion industry and since COVID-19, almost one third (31%) are now either seeking products with high animal welfare credentials or are avoiding animal-based products all together. Roughly 37% of adult respondents will preference one fashion brand over another if they prioritise kindness to animals.

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Model wearing animal-free clothing for the FOUR PAWS Wear it Kind program.

“The survey results show consumers increasingly expect brands to ensure the welfare of the animals used within their supply chains. Brands acting in this way, are more likely to resonate well with consumers,” said Jessica Medcalf, animal welfare in fashion expert at FOUR PAWS.

“Though the results are encouraging we need more people to be aware of animal cruelty when buying textiles, more transparency within animal supply chains, and to achieve good animal welfare outcomes, a reduction in the use of animal-derived materials overall.”

The poll also reveals that 84% of Australian respondents agree that companies should make animal protection a key priority alongside environmental protection. In Italy, almost two thirds of respondents (64%) have made changes to how they purchase fashion. In France, 27% state they now seek sustainable fashion with higher animal welfare standards. Globally one in eight avoid animal-based fashion products all together, with Bulgarians (28%), South Africans (20%) and Austrians (17%) topping the list.


“While fur has been in focus internationally for some time, many other cruel practices also persist including the live plucking of geese, shocking mutilation practices within the wool industry, and brutal killing and keeping conditions of animals used for leather,” explained Medcalf.

“Together we can end this cruelty, and work towards achieving an animal friendly fashion future.”

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Cover image of models wearing animal-free clothing for the Wear it Kind program supplied by FOUR PAWS.

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