Heston Blumenthal’s Limited Edition Plant-Based Burger Available Only at Grill’d

Heston Blumenthal’s Limited Edition Plant-Based Burger Available Only at Grill’d

If you’ve ever wanted to try a burger made by a Michelin star chef you’re in luck. One of Australia’s largest burger chains, Grill’d, is giving diners the opportunity to do just that.

Grill’d have teamed up with Australian alternative meat brand Fable Food and the king of gastronomy Heston Blumenthal to launch four plant-based burgers, including the  ‘Heston Fable Burger’ created exclusively by the chef. The limited edition off-menu Heston burger features Fable’s plant-based, meaty mushroom pattie with tofu, cucumber, fresh slaw, hoisin sauce, topped with crispy Fable faux “beef”, served on a brioche bun. This marks the first time any of Heston’s burgers have ever been served outside his fine dining restaurants.

“I never thought I would allow another restaurant to serve one of my very special burgers until I met the amazing team at Grill’d,” said Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal.

Heston Blumenthal has created a limited edition plant-based burger for Grill’d. Credit: John Scott Blackwell.

“All four Fable burgers are fantastic, but the Heston Fable Burger is the star of the show. The Fable pattie has a rich, satisfying mushroom flavour that tastes just like slow cooked meat, complemented by the pluminess and spiciness of hoisin sauce, fresh texture of Japanese slaw and lightly grilled tofu. It has all of the umami, all of the satisfying things that you would expect from a burger but there’s no meat in it.”

Only 4,000 burgers are available across Australia so bookings to feast on the ‘Heston Fable Burger’ are essential. For $35 per person, diners can expect the chef’s signature gastronomic flair with elements of fine dining such as table service with a silver cloche. The exclusive burger will be served alongside Grill’d Famous Chips and a choice of premium wine (Montalto Pennon Hill Pinot Noir Wines or Merritt Chenin Blanc), local beer, or non-alcoholic beverage. Sittings will begin from Sunday 8 August until 22 August at the following restaurants only: Windsor, VIC; Hawthorn, VIC; Wintergarden, QLD; Carindale, QLD; Scarborough, WA. For New South Wales residents under lockdown, this experience will be available when restrictions ease.

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“In partnering with Fable, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Heston Blumenthal, one of the world’s finest chefs, and expand our plant-based menu with four new Fable meaty mushroom burgers that taste just as good as the real thing. It’s the next step in our mission to discover a whole new world of flavour and challenge the status quo with innovative, healthy and mindfully made products,” said Grill’d founder Simon Crowe.

For New South Wales residents under lockdown, the Heston Fable Burger experience will be available when restrictions are eased. Australians missing out on the experience can still have a taste of Heston with the plant-based ‘Fable Spicy Cheeseburger’ ($14.50) created by the Michelin star chef, as well as the other plant-based burgers, ‘Fable Truffle’ and the ‘Fable Southern BBQ’ which are now available via takeaway, dine-in and delivery.

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