Thankyou’s New Range of Vegan Beauty Products is Completely Plastic-Free

Thankyou’s New Range of Vegan Beauty Products is Completely Plastic-Free

Australian social enterprise Thankyou has launched its own line of plastic-free beauty and personal care range. Featuring seven products that include solid body bars, lotion bars and hair bars, the plastic-free collection is manufactured in Australia and is made with recirculated water and is packaged in recycled cardboard that is fully recyclable.

The products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and feature sustainably sourced and naturally derived ingredients such as essential oils, organic Australian oats, hemp seed oil, green and red clay, chamomile, rose water and coconut oil.

Thankyou’s New Range of Beauty Products Is Completely Plastic-Free and Vegan

The plastic-free collection comes after the brand’s announcement to ditch its flagship product – bottled water – last August over the environmental damage caused by its plastic footprint. “Our team looked far and wide for responsible-ish solutions, from reducing the amount of plastic and waste-water used in production, to challenging the amount of recycled plastic used in the bottle,” Thankyou revealed in a blog post.

“We explored alternatives with biodegradable products and carton solutions, but to be honest, all-in-all anywhere we landed felt no better than greenwashing.”

The bottled water product line helped to raise $6.9 million towards the social enterprise’s mission of defeating extreme poverty and amplifying change-makers who are serving the world’s poor by redistributing wealth from consumer spending. The social enterprise will now rely on its other consumer products — including baby products and body soaps — to achieve its mission.


While not all of its product offerings are plastic-free, over the last year, the social enterprise has made some strides towards a circular business model by introducing refills to some of its most popular personal care products.

“We believe how we manufacture our products and the decisions we make as we scale this movement globally are intrinsically linked to our mission.”

The products are also affordable and accessible. The range of body bars, such as its Exfoliating Body Bar with Lemon Myrtle and Poppy Seeds and Soothing Body Bar with Oat Milk retails at $3.50. Its shampoo and conditioning bars featuring chamomile and rosewater retail at $12. Thankyou’s products are stocked by major Australian retailers including Chemist Warehouse and selected products can be found on the shelves of Coles, Big W, IGA and Woolworths.

To date, the social enterprise has raised over $17 million. 100% of the profit from sales of its baby and body care products fund its sustainable development work– safe water, food security and hygiene and sanitation programs that positively impact the lives of people in 22 countries.

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