Sustainable Bedding Company ettitude Goes Climate Neutral

Sustainable Bedding Company ettitude Goes Climate Neutral

Melbourne-based sustainable bedding and homewares company ettitude is officially Climate Neutral certified. The brand has committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting all of the carbon emissions associated with its operations following Climate Neutral’s internationally recognised standards for carbon measurement, neutrality and offsetting. Last year, the brand offset its emissions by funding reforestation projects in Nicaragua through its partnership with CarbonFund.

Seeking to double down on its mission to contribute towards a cleaner world, ettitude has also committed to reducing its carbon footprint by cutting air freight by 50%, and reducing the use of virgin plastic in its primary packaging and products.

“We’ve made huge strides in measuring the impact of our products, but this is the single biggest step we’ve taken on our sustainability journey so far,” says the company’s CEO Phoebe Yu.

“Through Carbonfund, we’ve been able to identify a project that means a lot to us as a business.”

This is the latest in a string of public commitments aimed at improving the company’s overall impact. In March, ettitude announced a US$100,000 commitment to nonprofit organisation charity:water to aid its water projects in Nepal, where more than 12% of rural communities lack access to water, and over half of rural communities lack sanitation.

Last year, the business also released its first ever impact report which collated findings from independent agencies such as Clean Agency, revealing that its signature CleanBamboo textile uses 500x less water than cotton, and creates 52% fewer carbon emissions than their cotton equivalent.  

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Bamboo bedding is usually made from rayon or viscose technology that uses chemical processing to turn the bamboo into fibre; chemicals which can be harmful and toxic. To address this issue, ettitude spent years innovating its signature textile to create a new generation bamboo textile the business has dubbed CleanBamboo™ which is produced in a closed loop system, that recycles and reuses water up to 200 times and recycling 98% of the water in the process. In addition, while a cotton sheet set creates 50kgs of carbon, the business claims its CleanBamboo sheet set creates just 24kg.

Yu believes that brands must play more active roles in mitigating climate change. “Nature is where we live, not a place we visit. We hope to encourage other companies to recognise they can’t and shouldn’t take a passive role in this conversation anymore—it’s critical we acknowledge our impact and take tangible and proven steps to mitigate it.”

The company also donates 1% of all sales to environmental nonprofits, and offers customers the ability to recycle textiles via its Loop program. So far, 254.2kg of textile waste has been diverted from landfills resulting in the prevention of 1016.8kg of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.

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