New Survey Reveals Growing Australian Demand for Natural Products

New Survey Reveals Growing Australian Demand for Natural Products

An OmniPoll survey commissioned by Nourished Life has found that a growing number of Australian women are buying natural products, with more than a third of women claiming to “sometimes” or “regularly” purchase natural products across skincare, hair care, make-up and cleaning categories.

The survey results show the propensity to purchase natural products has increased compared with just a couple of years ago.

Founder of Nourished Life Irene Falcone, Australia’s leading online store for natural beauty, health and household products, says there’s still work to be done in educating consumers about the impact ingredients can have on human health and the natural environment.

Founder of Nourished Life, Irene Falcone.

Despite the massive shift towards natural beauty products, the survey finds that 42% of people rarely or never bother to read the ingredient list on products across skincare, hair care, make-up and cleaning. 

“We’re calling on all Australians to check the ingredients in the products they apply to themselves and use within the home to see if they truly are natural,” says Falcone.

After discovering that she was putting up to 500 chemicals on her body every single day including toxic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and sulfates in her make-up and personal care products, Falcone threw all of her make-up and skincare items away.

“Back then, parabens were still prevalent in many products and I was ridiculed at times for taking such a harsh stand against them,” says the founder. “But further research over the past 10 years has shown parabens easily penetrate the skin.”

More women are purchasing natural products than two years ago. Photo: Nourished Life.

The European Commission has listed parabens as Category 1 priority substances, based on evidence that they interfere with hormone function. In 2014 it banned the use of five parabens in cosmetic products.

In Australia, there is no such list; bans and restrictions on chemicals and consumer product ingredients – including cosmetics – are regulated by each state and territory authority.

“Parabens have been banned in many countries across Europe but here in Australia there is no such ban and there is little to no regulation of the cosmetic industry.”

Although companies are starting to understand the harmful effects of parabens, with a growing number of ‘paraben-free’ products in the marketplace, Falcone explains there are still hundreds of other potentially toxic chemicals in cosmetics, hair and skin products as well as household cleaners that are being scrutinised by health researchers.

“Less toxins means less skin irritations, less harsh chemicals being absorbed into our bodies and less damaging nasties being added to our waterways and landfill,” the Nourished Life founder explains.

The OmniPoll survey of 617 females also reveals that the market for natural products is set to grow, with 35% of respondents indicating they are likely to increase their usage of natural products over the next couple of years.

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