Vivobarefoot Launches New Sustainability Initiative ‘Redesign Heroes’

Vivobarefoot Launches New Sustainability Initiative ‘Redesign Heroes’

The footwear company determined their best wasn’t good enough, so they launched ‘Redesign Heroes’, more sustainable versions of its iconic footwear

Minimalist footwear company Vivobarefoot today announces the launch of
‘Redesign Heroes’, a renewed and improved line of iconic Vivobarefoot footwear, reconstructed with 36% reduction in its supporting supply chains, less materials and better, more sustainable quality, to lessen the impact of footwear on the planet.

Focusing on Vivobarefoot’s hero styles, the company implemented a reduction in its supporting supply chains, cut back on the materials, and only used recycled, bio, or naturally sourced sustainable materials to create the shoes.

Just like its former versions, Vivobarefoot’s Redesigned Heroes are still wide, thin, flexible, and at the same price point, but are now even better for people, their feet and the planet. “The industry focuses on shoes made with sustainable materials as the finish line,” said Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot Creative Director and Co-Founder.

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“For the sake of human and planetary health this has to change. Our focus is on producing perfect footwear which is regenerative to feet, human movement and planetary health – that’s the real challenge!”

Updates across Vivobarefoot’s Redesign Heroes line include reduced leather waste, collar lining and footbeds made from wild hide leather, lining mesh made from recycled PET, virgin nylon and polyester updated to 100% organic cotton and insoles made from pre-consumer recycled waste.

“In 2019 we brought creation of all new products to a halt to totally overhaul our design approach,” added Emma Foster-Geering, Vivobarefoot’s Director of Sustainability. “We are committed to and working towards never bringing anything to market that does not meet our regenerative sustainability goals. The compounding impact of ‘the
bottom of the iceberg’, that being globalized supply chains making unsustainable products, is no longer allowed in our business, nor should it be in the industry at all.”

The Redesign Heroes line is a key step in Vivobarefoot’s journey to make its footwear more sustainable and fully regenerative for human foot health and the planet. As part of its ambitions, Vivobarefoot is looking to work with value chain partners who provide more sustainable materials and are committed to its regenerative journey. The company also continues to track its progress with the launch of the VMatrix, the world’s first design tool for
regenerative footwear. After receiving its official B Corporation certification in 2020, Vivobarefoot continues to implement the B Corp principles to monitor the impact its footwear is having, from conception and design, to its footwear’s end of life.

The full range of Vivobarefoot’s Redesign Heroes for adults and kids features fan favorites such as Primus Lite III, Tracker II FG, Geo Court II, Geo Racer II, PMagna FG, Magna Trail II FG and many others are
available on Prices start at $145 – $240.

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