NGO Releases Short Film on How Refugee Kids Cope with Virtual Learning

NGO Releases Short Film on How Refugee Kids Cope with Virtual Learning

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Fugee, a refugee-led non-profit organisation championing equality and education access by and with refugees to bridge learning gaps, help realise full potential and nurture self-reliance to build a truly inclusive society free from discrimination, has launched a short documentary viewable on YouTubeEmpowering Children to be Future-Ready in the name of their first digital learning fundraising campaign Bridging the Digital Divide, One Student at a Time.

The documentary encapsulates a learning centre’s yearlong efforts to maintain academic progress for over 200 refugee students. The learning centre is best known as Fugee School, led by a host of refugee teachers and highly-trained education consultants. 

Staff at Fugee School. Image supplied.

Inspired by a fundraising campaign supporting hundreds of refugee students and teachers with virtual learning, the three-minute short is a glimpse into the life of a 13-year-old refugee girl from Somalia who is making do with scarce digital resources to attend online classes. You also hear from one of the Fugee School teachers who walks the viewer through the paces of the learning centre’’s struggles to adapt to the virtual learning age. 

“There are WiFi issues and parents tell me that the WiFi can be really horrible so kids get disconnected all the time,” Miss Salma, the teacher in the film tells Fugee. 

The campaign was launched over Instagram and Facebook on the 2nd of March inaugurating with an exclusive live Facebook event on International Women’s Day featuring YB Hannah Yeoh, Katrina Too, Head of Partnerships and Programs at Alibaba Business School and the 13-year-old student star of the film, Fatima Abdulkhaliq. 

The documentary release comes at a time where virtual learning is barely accessible for refugees in Kuala Lumpur and the landmark progress of refugee kids is a testament to how individuals with scarce resources can still create something meaningful and worthwhile. 

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