Canadian Conscious Brand Numi Launches Sustainable Silk Collection

Canadian Conscious Brand Numi Launches Sustainable Silk Collection

Founded in 2013 by former equity trader Michelle Shemilt, Canadian conscious undergarment brand Numi has launched its latest collection, Sustainable Silk™.

While the name of the collection suggests that it is entirely made of silk, it isn’t. Numi’s “Sustainable Silk” collection isn’t even entirely made with “peace silk”. Its silk collection features a blended material that consists of 29% silk and 69% Naia, a super soft, easy-to-care for fabric made from sustainably sourced pine and eucalyptus wood produced in a closed-loop system. It is the incorporation of this lower-impact fabric in particular that makes the silk collection “sustainable”.

The Audre tank.
The Simone button-up shirt.

In conventional silk production, silkworms (which aren’t really worms but rather mulberry-eating moth pupa), weave silk to produce the cocoon for its transformation into a moth. Silk workers commonly boil or gas the cocoons so that the delicate silk thread can be unravelled. It is this process that kills the silkworms. An estimated 6,600 worms are needed to make just one kilogram of silk. Due to the blended nature of Numi’s “Sustainable Silk”, the lives of fewer silkworms have been claimed.

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Adding to its sustainability attributes, the collection is responsibly made in Canada with quality fabrics imported from Italy and each garment is treated with bluesign® compliant stain repellent technology, making them water, oil and dirt-resistant.

The Hedy cami in black.
The Ida short sleeve top.

In line with brand’s mission to offer modern women comfortable, functional pieces that make life easier and is kinder to the planet, Numi’s Sustainable Silk range of four versatile tops are easy to wear and easy to care for, and are designed to be worn day or night, for work or play.

The classic collection features a classic button-up collared shirt, short-sleeve blouse, reversible tank top and a classic cami. Each style is named after historical women and thought leaders like author and feminist Simone de Beauvoir, investigative journalist Ida Wells-Barnett, poet Audre Lorde and on-screen starlet and inventor Hedy Lamarr.

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Cover image of the Simone button-up shirt. All images supplied.

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