How to Create More Storage Space in a Tiny Garden Shed

How to Create More Storage Space in a Tiny Garden Shed

Don’t have enough room in your garden shed and need to create more storage space for your gardening tools and equipment? A quick and inexpensive solution is to go vertical by hanging items on hooks, nails, rods or a hanging rack. You can hang thrifted baskets, picks, trowels, shovels, watering cans and in fact, just about anything can be hung if you know how, even unruly garden hoses!

Here are the tools and equipment you’ll need:

  • Nails, hooks, coat hooks, kitchen rod, clips or pre-made hanging rack
  • A drill or hammer
  • Garden supplies and equipment you’re looking to hang up

Step 1. Plan it out.

Before you start hammering in nails or hooks you’ll need to plan where you want items to be hung. Get a pencil and paper out if you design better this way or you can just spend time in the space and visualise how you want items to look. Consider the frequency in which you use certain tools or items as this may make designing easier. For items you don’t use as frequently, perhaps you can hang them further out of reach and for tools you use more frequently, hang them where they are in easy and convenient each. And remember to scope out every square inch of space in the shed so you’re not overlooking great spots, for example, behind the shed door.

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How to Create More Space in a Tiny Garden Shed
Thrifted baskets hanging in a garden shed. Photo: Jennifer Nini.

Step 2. Hammer in the nails or hooks.

Make sure the nails or hooks are long and sturdy enough so that it won’t break under pressure. Before purchasing these items, always ask the retail assistant that the nails, hooks or rods will hang what you require hanging and won’t snap under the full weight of the gardening tool.

And before you start hammering or drilling away make sure you’ve spaced out the nails or hooks properly so that you don’t waste time hammering in nails or drilling holes that will need to be taken out or patched up again.

Step 3. Hang your garden supplies and equipment.

Once you’ve got your nails hammered in, now all you need to do is hang your garden supplies and equipment. And that’s it – an easy way to create more space without having to invest in a larger garden or tool shed.

Of course you can always change the layout of your garden tool shed if you’re adding more items and need to redesign the space to fit extra bits and pieces. But for now enjoy the extra storage space and cross that bridge if and when you get there.

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How to Create More Tool Storage Space in a Tiny Garden Shed

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