10 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Brands for Raincoats and Gumboots

10 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Brands for Raincoats and Gumboots

A good pair of gumboots and a comfortable, waterproof raincoat are definitely must-haves for the rainy season. Who wants to get their OOTDs wet for a quick trip to the grocery store or when running errands, right? However, if you are a conscious consumer, it’s not easy to find these rainy day-essentials that will fashionably protect you from the wet weather conditions… guilt-free. To help you in your shopping journey for rainy days, this list of ethical and sustainable brands offer gumboots and raincoats ideal for the rainy season.

1. Bata Australia

Buying a pair of gumboots has never been better with Bata Australia. This brand is a supplier of a variety of footwear, including gumboots, not only in Australia but in other parts of the world. Their business structure allows them to localise their products so they can serve the unique needs of their customer. Australian made (proudly made in Mornington, Victoria), they produce an array of gumboots, they sell black ones that are made with 50% recycled PVC content. The quality is not compromised because they are very durable and come in sizes for men, women and children.

If you are a champion of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, you’d be happy to know that Bata Australia is with you in this endeavor. But what is more significant about them is their conscious effort to lessen their carbon footprint through their PVC recycling program which does not only reduce tons of waste materials in the landfills of Australia, but also helps promote a “greener” lifestyle among consumers. The next time you don’t know how to dispose your old PVC gumboots, you can send it to them for recycling.

You can check out their gumboots selection at their website.

2. WelliesAU

WelliesAU prides itself for not using PVC substance in its gumboots which are known to have chemical additives. Instead, it uses 100% natural rubber (which is more environmentally-friendly) and neoprene lining because it provides more warmth and better traction on a slippery surface. Wellies gumboots are waterproof and lightweight too. The brand not only offers sustainable gumboots to their customers, it is also committed to ethical practices. Its supply chain is is BSCI (Business and Social Compliance Initiative) audited which covering 11 core labour rights such as no child or bonded labour, fair remuneration and the right of freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Find WelliesAU gumboots for all ages here

Wellies ethical and eco-friendly gumboots

3. Merry People

Comfortable and versatile are two words that would best describe the selection of vegan-friendly gumboots produced by Merry People. Ideal for the farm or the festival, these bright and funky gumboots feature natural rubber, neoprene, and vegan glue. Their packaging is minimal and recyclable. They are also conscious in reducing waste and thus, their production goes through careful monitoring to produce only styles and sizes that are needed.

To browse the selection visit www.merrypeople.com.

4. Kamik

To be a “leading eco-manufacturer by reducing costs and water consumption” is one of the missions of Kamik – a family-owned and operated footwear manufacturer based in Canada. They strive to fulfill this by incorporating sustainability starting from the recycled materials they use in creating their pieces, up to the recyclable packaging for the manufactured boots. They even have recyclable rain boots! They also make sure to maximise the use of their resources to their end life, and champion recycling as well to their customers through their recycling program.

Check out the amazing Kamik gumboots options here. They also have winter boots, hiker boots, and even sandals for the whole family.

5. Alice + Whittles

Fashionable gumboots? You’ll never go wrong with Alice+Whittles which brings gumboots manufacturing to a whole new level. They swear to using 90% sustainable and traceable raw materials, including vegan water-based glue and sap of rubber trees from “sustainably managed forests in Sri Lanka,” which they are still aiming to improve. The brand even make sure to use only the required energy in production and no more in excess. The result – high quality but low maintenance rain boots that would be your next favorite wardrobe essential.

Aside from gumboots, Alice + Whittles also produces sustainable sneakers and boots which you can find at their website.

6. Patagonia

The outdoor wear brand Patagonia is a favourite amongst sustainability advocates. The brand produces raincoats and other outdoor essentials made from eco-friendly and recycled fabrics that have been stress-tested to last the distance. The brand also actively advocates positive social and environmental change through clever marketing and using advertisements to taking firm stances against poor environmental policies. Their collection is also not limited to brand new as they sell used clothing and adventure gear as well. You will never run out of choices from their vast selection.

The Patagonia brand is very conscious of their impact to the planet, thus, they make it a point to reduce waste materials by recycling and maximising the use of their resources, using renewable energy and organically grown raw materials such as cotton. More than that, they even give back by allocating 1% of their sales to the rehabilitation of the environment. When you get your raincoat from them this season, keep in mind that you are also positively contributing to the planet.

Shop the raincoat you need at www.patagonia.com.

7. Ecoalf

Ecoalf is a sustainable brand that has the capacity to upgrade your rainy day wardrobe essentials. They produce well-made jackets and raincoats made from recycled fabrics (polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool) that are designed to keep you warm and comfortable. The brand also makes use of other materials such as recycled plastic water bottles, fish nets, and rubber in making their trendy pieces. In addition, they are committed to using resources like water responsibly and they are actively participating and contributing to conservation projects that will help rehabilitate the oceans and seas.

Shop Ecoalf here.

8. Maium

Staying warm and cozy under the rain is easier with the help of outerwear from Maium. This Amsterdam-based brand specialises in rainwear that is sustainable and functional even in the face of inclement weather conditions. They use materials that are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and OEKO-TEX(R) Standard certified which provides assurance that every single material used in its garments do not have detrimental effects to human health and are compliant with basic social and environmental practices. Furthermore, Maium also uses biodegradable materials for their raincoats and they are also 100% vegan-friendly.

Maium has sustainable raincoats for both men and women which you can find here.

9. Tretorn

Another sustainable brand for rainwear is Tretorn, a Scandinavian brand established way back in 1891. They produce raincoats and outerwear made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled fabrics such as nylon harvested from old fishing nets and also use biodegradable materials in their jackets which decomposes over time.

Check out their sustainable rainwear collections here.

10. 365 DRY

Born with a mission to create a sustainable alternative for single-use plastic ponchos, 365 DRY manufacture rainwear for men and women that features a regenerated textile sourced from plastic bottles. The designs are bold and fashionable and will keep you dry and warm, whether you’re at a music festival, camping or watching an outdoor sporting event. For maximum rain protection and eye-catching style, you can’t go past 365 DRY.

Shop there website here.

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