10 Ways to Style Your Indoor Space with Plants, Flowers and Greenery

10 Ways to Style Your Indoor Space with Plants, Flowers and Greenery

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Looking to liven your home or office with indoor plants, flowers and greenery but don’t know where to begin? We’ve curated a list of ideas below to inspire your interior decorating. There are no rights or wrongs, or hard and fast rules, first and foremost, when it comes to adding plants to your home decor, all that really matters is that you love the way the space looks and it brings you joy.

1. Use plant stands

Using plant stands in a room will create depth and visual focal points. They make great decorative pieces for room corners. If the room is small, choose plant stands that have skinnier legs. You can buy new plant stands at your local nursery or search for second-hand plant stands on Craigslist and Gumtree.

Wells & Wood Co. sell a range of stylish timber plant stands.

2. Try hanging plant stands

If the room is small and you’re concerned about adding plant stands to the floor space, consider using hanging plant stands. You can build one yourself with a simple plank of wood (for the shelf), eye hooks and some hardy twine and suspend from the ceiling. If you aren’t interested in DIY projects, you can purchase handmade and unique hanging plant stands (such as the one pictured below) from marketplaces such as Etsy.

Hanging plant stands are great space savers and add an interesting focal point for any room.

3. Framed pressed flowers

Have a wedding bouquet you’d like to keep? Or want to decorate the room with a gorgeous floral arrangement that don’t need to be thrown out each week? Consider pressing an assortment of flowers and displaying it in a glass frame. You can hang on the walls or pop on a hall table to brighten up a space. Don’t have time to make your own? You can buy handmade pressed flower art frames from My Botanica Store.

Pressed flower art frames from My Botanica Store.

4. Reuse glass bottles and jars.

For cost-effective plant styling, propagate plant cuttings and pop in old, glass bottles or jars for maximum, minimalist effect.

Glass bottles and jars make beautiful, simple vases for floral displays. Photo: Taryn Elliott.

5. Showcase air plants

Requiring no soil to grow, air plants (Tillandsia) make an interesting feature in any home or office. You can dangle them from the ceiling in macrame plant hangers, pop them in ceramic bowls or display in a metallic wall sconce.

Air plants in macrame hanging planters. Photo: Etsy.
Brass wall sconce for air plants. Photo: Etsy.

6. Add natural baskets

Understated bohemian chic is on trend and if you’re a fan of this interior decor style, pop your plants in handcrafted baskets made of wicker, rattan, sisal, jute and even linen for a neutral palette that offers a beautiful, natural aesthetic. You can search for second-hand baskets on sites such as Facebook marketplace or you can purchase online.

Pop your plants in natural baskets to create an understated bohemian effect. Photo: Tania Miron.

7. DIY floral garland

An easy way to display flowers, source tiny glass bottles from thrift stores or online, wrap twine around the bottle necks and you’ve created a simple floral garland to showcase seasonal flowers, leaves and herbs.

A simple floral garland. Photo: Glass Jewelry Ideas.

8. Invest in trailing plants

Invest in trailing plants such as pothos,  philodendron ‘Brasil’, devil’s ivy, English ivy and string of pearls for a magical, indoor jungle look. These plants are fast-growing and many can be easily propagated with cuttings.

Pothos plants in shower. Photo: Unsplash.

9. Display in glass beakers

Ideal for plant cuttings, glass beakers and glass bulbs make an eye-catching decorative piece for your home or office. You can also give glass planter bulbs as gifts for budding botanist friends and family.

Glass plant beakers and bulbs make unique decorative pieces for the home and office. Photo: beTWENTYS.

10. Decorate with dried bouquets, branches and flowers

Dried bouquets, branches and flowers such as pampas grass, bunny tail grass, eucalyptus, billy buttons, natural palm spear fan and king protea are hugely popular, widely used by interior designers and social media influencers to add interesting focal points on mantels, shelves and indoor spaces. You can source from your local nursery or purchase online. They are long-lasting making them a cost-effective way to decorate your home and office.

Dried flower arrangements are stylish and long-lasting. Photo: HBotanic Weddings.
Dried pampas grass. Photo: Shop Bella Lexie.

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