A Holiday Guide to Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Men

A Holiday Guide to Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Men

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Christmas is unarguably, the most anticipated time of year across our globe. The joy of the season is so incredibly infectious that regardless of our religious inclinations, just about everyone starts to really get into the preparation, the decoration, and the jubilation of the season. In fact, in my part of the world, the decorations go up and Christmas music hits the radio airwaves as soon as the first “ber” month comes. Yes, as early as September!

The magic of Christmas would be incomplete without the tradition of gifting our loved ones and this includes the men in our lives. Buying sustainable gifts for guys can be tough for various reasons. For one, guys generally do not share the gift items they’d love as freely for as women do. For another, some traditional men are so used to being perceived as the ‘givers’ that receiving gifts rather than giving them can make them feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. Deep down though, we all love being showered with gifts and this Christmas, here is a guide to sustainable gifts for the men in your life:

1. Roll Up Pants from PACT

PACT makes the coolest and most affordable organic apparel. I should know because I have written about them a number of times! The men’s Roll Up Pants in Fern colour (US$80) make the perfect gift this season because first off, they are just too cool. Secondly, they are certified organic and fairly-made and are so versatile that they can be worn any season, while working from home, and for literally everything else in between.

2. Travel experience from Tinggly

Tangible products aren’t the only gift ideas this season; gifting your loved ones with cool experiences is also very much a thing. Tinggly is the world’s leading experience gift platform listing 1000+ amazing travel experiences and other unique adventures that you can order online. The platform has a whole batch of ideas for gift experiences in the “For Him” travel section (think Bungee jumping, skydiving and such) and all you need to do is go through the list to take your pick.

When choosing a gift experience through Tinggly, you have the option of sending a physical gift box to the recipient (which can take two to five days to be delivered anywhere in the world by DHL) or have the experience eVoucher emailed directly to the recipient instead. The recipient books the travel experience or adventure by visiting the Tinggly redeem page, selecting the experience and confirming his selection by an email from Tinggly which will contain all the relevant details.

More than just the travel experience, a gift experience, especially at the end of this emotionally draining year, is a gift of hope. It’s a promise that  in 2021, we will have the opportunity to travel and experience life in more depths with our loved ones, and that is a beautiful note to end this year on.

3. A gift card from EarthHero

Gift cards are like any other gift that you can give this season because, especially with the issues introduced into world economies this year by the pandemic, gift cards for say groceries and other necessary purchases are gifts that will have value for literally anyone. If you choose to go this route, one of the best options for you would be an EarthHero Gift Card.

For some context, EarthHero is a certified B-Corp that curates some of the most responsibly-made products that help customers to live a low-impact eco lifestyle. It’s an eco-conscious alternative to Amazon.com. The company vetts over 150 sustainable brands producing over 4,000 unique eco-friendly products using their strict five-step sourcing methodology: Materials/Ingredients, Company Responsibility, Give-Back, Packaging and Sustainable Lifestyle. Earth Hero has also embraced a zero waste business approach that features biodegradable and recycled content, reused shipping boxes, paper tape and paper fill.

EarthHero’s shipments are fully carbon neutral. It uses Carbonfund.org to invest in reforestation projects that offset the carbon emitted through the transportation of its products and its day-to-day operations. Before you choose an Erath Hero gift card for a man in your life this Christmas though, you should consider their likes and dislikes. Although a part of the gifting experience is the sheer joy of scrolling through the amazing items this company has for sale, try to select a card that will actually be appreciated, and used.

4. Bellroy Tech Kit Compact

Bellroy’s Tech Kit Compact is a bestseller and a practical gift for the season. The Tech Kit helps organize tech accessories without tangles. This generously sized kit keeps everything smooth and sorted by fitting all your tech accessories (power bank, phone charge, cable, earbuds and such) into one slim pouch. If you know a man who tends to have devices and wires all over the place in their offices or bags, you should definitely get them one of these. It comes in three classic colours including black.

Bellroy makes the perfect accessories that you don’t know you need until you buy them; and they change your life. Like Earth Hero, Bellroy is also a Certified B-Corp and dedicated towards doing good through their products and the way they do business.

5. Sukin skincare essentials for men

There is this general belief that men aren’t interested in skincare. Well, that is because nobody makes skincare products for us or gives us any. So, if you want the men in your life to leave their ashiness in 2020, Sukin is the plug. I am really excited about this as I just started my skincare journey.

Their “Skincare Essentials for Men”  pack is just the right gift. It contains a cleanser, a scrub and a moisturiser. The cleanser is an organic mix of Baobab Extract and Tasmanian Pepper. Aloe Vera helps to leave skin feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated. The scrub helps to remove a build-up of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells with a grainy texture of Bamboo Powder and Walnut Shells. The facial moisturiser is created with Sesame, Coconut, Jojoba Oils, and Aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe. Baobab Extract, Vitamin E, and Tasmanian Pepper promote healthy skin, while a blend of Cinnamon and citrus refreshes the senses. Needless to say, the combination of any or all of these products will keep the skin nourished, this Christmas season and beyond.

6. Lifepack backpack by Solgaard

In 2021, it is likely that our bags will have to hold our homes and offices. The Lifepack by Solgaard is the perfect bag for it. Whether the men you care about favour hiking in the woods, relaxing on the beach, or traveling the globe, the Lifepack backpack is designed to fit their on-the-go lifestyles.

Made from Shore-Tex, which is a fibre created from ocean plastic, the bags are very durable and easy to care for. Other features include Patented anti-theft lock with coil design, Solarbank, a charger with solar power,integrated USB port for easy charging, deluxe drop-proof laptop storage and compartments for work and gife.

The company is an eco-conscious brand which has committed to sustainable manufacturing: the New York-based brand has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastics from its entire supply chain by the end of 2020.

7. Panasonic eneloop batteries

Our world is gradually migrating to Smart Home Tech and it is very important for our devices to be fitted with the best power sources. This is crucial not just to maximize outputs but also to minimize carbon footprints as well. Panasonic Eneloop batteries is helping to tackle this power challenge.

The Panasonic Eneloop battery is a gift that will keep on giving as well as a gift that every man would appreciate. Developed with the concept of sustainability and care for the Earth, eneloop embodies the principles of ‘Recharge’ and ‘Reuse’ for realizing a Clean Energy Society. eneloop uses energy from the sun and envisions sustainable Clean Energy Lifestyle by encouraging repeated us.

The batteries can be recharged for over 2100 times and rolls will last 70% of their charge over 10 years. This makes them more environmentally friendly and economical than most batteries. You would be saving batteries from landfills for the next 10 years and also be keeping money in your pocket.

8. Nimble wireless charging stand

Wireless charging is all the rage with new devices these days and no man certainly wants to be left behind. The Nimble wireless charging stand is made from organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles. It uses electromagnetic induction to provide electricity to portable devices. It can deliver each other 10 megawatts and is compatible with iPhones Androids and the latest of them all airpods.

The process is quicker and more efficient, as you don’t have to plug and unplug each time – you just place your device on top of your wireless charging pad. It also looks neater. Whether flat on the desk or tilted  as a stand for easy use while charging, the stand is nimble and definitely cool.

9. Baabuk Wool Sneakers

Sneakers are pretty normal gifts. But it’s not everyday we get to see a sustainable sneaker made from 100% wool. This means superior comfort in addition to eco-friendly. Baabuk sneakers make your feet as comfortable as possible because they are many things -contemporary, cozy, colorful, durable, responsibly-made, thoughtfully-designed- but never boring.

Baabuk is a family-owned company that is B-Corp certified, meaning it meets the global non-profit guidelines for social and environmental performance. The sneakers are available in different styles across two collections: The Sky Wooler  and the Urban Wooler Collections. The Sky Wooler Collection is a sure bet for a wonderful gift. Even in this collection, it is difficult to choose the ones we men like the most but if I were a betting man, my money would be on the “Sky Wooler- concrete Lime”.

10. House of Marley Wireless Headphones

Now I can’t speak for the man in your life but if you want to get me a gift this Christmas, this product has to be the one. I mean, what could be better than listening to music throughout this festive season with headphones inspired by the legendary Bob Marley? And it doesn’t stop there. The headphones are beautifully crafted from sustainable wood, renewable aluminum  finally rimmed in ethically sourced leather.

Now their Exodus headphones deliver clear music with 50 millimeter high definition drivers and can last you up to 30 hours. A set includes headphones, carrying bag, charging cables, user manual as well as a warranty card. More than the actual gift, you will also be giving an immense experience to your men when you buy them sets of the House of Marley Exodus headphones. On behalf of the guys in your life, I ask only that you don’t hesitate here.

11. Air plant subscription from Design House

The pandemic has turned many of us into plant lovers. So give the men (and women too!) in your life a subscription to airplants. Plants do a lot more than make our homes more lively because they also  provide colour, extra oxygen, and reduce stress.

Plants also help us understand that balance is everything, not just for them but for us as well. Design House have a prepaid box with 3 and 6 month options for air plants. Every box includes air plant care instructions to ensure the new babies thrive, and a quality guarantee on their plants.

12. 4EST Shades

The fascinating thing about sunglasses is how they instantly elevate our style and make us perk up. They make great Christmas gifts for men as they are practical and are an affordable kind of luxury when compared to gifting favourites such as designer handbags and shoes. So if you’re feeling the pinch this year, you can make a man feel really special with a pair of sunglasses from 4EST.

4EST Shades Sunglasses are dedicated to bringing high quality wood and bamboo sunglasses to the eco-conscious shopper. Their range features unique handmade wood or bamboo sunglasses, polarized for the eyes. Also, two trees are planted with every purchase, at a price that won’t break your wallet!

And there you have it, our guide to sustainable Christmas gifts for the special men in your life. Consider their preferences, decide on things that are both thoughtful and useful and that you know they will use and appreciate. Whatever you choose from this guide is bound to be memorable, and your men will treasure them for months to come.

Disclosure: Details are correct at time of publishing. This curated list does not fully take into account all the ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. Click here to read more about our policies. Cover image via Sukin.

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