The Best Sustainable Fashion Memes That Ethical Fashion Advocates Will Relate To

The Best Sustainable Fashion Memes That Ethical Fashion Advocates Will Relate To

This year has brought all kinds of awful, from typhoons and other environmental disasters to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic impacts and job losses. Internet memes have been a godsend in these times particularly hilarious sustainability-related memes. At HQ, aside from building the new greenhouse, establishing gardens such as the ‘Not So Secret Garden’ and spending time developing plant-based cooking skills, we’ve either been laughing over a meme or creating a funny meme. Laughter has been the best medicine this year, helping us get through some truly low moments.

So if you’re feeling low, here are some funny sustainable fashion memes that may bring on the giggles and kickstart those much-needed good vibes.

1. Fast fashion brands trying to be sustainable

If you’ve noticed fast fashion brands jumping the sustainable fashion bandwagon you aren’t alone. While there is much to applaud for the positive changes they implement in their supply chain, from sourcing sustainable and organic fibres to installing textile recycling bins in their retail stores, there are questions around the business model itself being unsustainable which is why this funny meme is particularly amusing.

Credit: Ben McGuire/Eco Warrior Princess.

2. ‘Sustainable’ influencers promoting dodgy brands

We’ve all been there, scrolling Instagram or Facebook and stopping in our tracks after seeing a self-described ‘zero waste’ or ‘sustainable fashion’ influencer promote a brand with some questionable ethical values such as H&M or a ‘natural’ mink fur business. This sustainable meme featuring this memorable shot from the first Sex & the City movie is ever so relatable.

3. Proud to be an outfit repeater

So many iconic scenes from the movie Devil Wears Prada, but the scene where ‘Andy Sachs’ played by Anne Hathaway walks into the ‘Runway’ office after her stunning makeover wearing Chanel boots is one of the film’s most memorable moments. So we’ve put a twist on the scene and instead of focusing on the Chanel boots, we focused on the subject of wearing a repeat outfit for maximum sustainable fashion effect.

Credit: Jennifer Nini/Eco Warrior Princess.

4. Minimise and minimal-ise!

This meme making its rounds on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram isn’t so much about sustainable fashion as it is about the unsustainability of mindless shopping and general consumerism. Still, since sustainable fashion explores concepts such as buying less, minimalism and consumerism, this meme just had to be included in the list.

5. How we feel about fast fashion brands

We gave this classic scene from one of the 90s most popular films, American coming-of-age teen comedy ‘Clueless’ centering around shopaholic Cher Horowitz played by Alicia Silverstone, a little twist. This is exactly how we feel about sleazy guys and fast fashion alike.

Credit: Jennifer Nini/Eco Warrior Princess using Paramount Movies gif.

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