Stubble & Co: A Sustainable Adventure Backpack Versatile Enough to Take Everywhere

Stubble & Co: A Sustainable Adventure Backpack Versatile Enough to Take Everywhere

London office workers are hardly the people you would picture as the founders of an outdoor travel bag company but that is precisely the case at Stubble & Co, a British direct-to-consumer brand that builds multifunctional bags and backpacks. After years of searching for the perfect bag –you know that one versatile bag that can be used for short business trips, workout sessions, daily commutes and weekend adventures– the cofounders just couldn’t find one so they decided to create it. As the popular saying goes, build it and they will come, and that’s exactly what happened,

If you are an outdoorsy type person, then you’ve likely experienced what I call the Urban Dilemma; any article of clothing or bag that you buy for the outdoors seems terribly unsuited to your normal urban life. Your jungle boots are fit only for the literal jungle and unless you want to look like a Jumanji character, most outdoor bags are simply not suitable for everyday use. The good quality bags are fit only for adventure travel and lose their appeal in urban settings.

Sensing a need here, Stubble & Co was founded to fill the void by creating affordable, durable and multipurpose bags for both non-travellers and those who have a serious case of wanderlust. Of course there are other bags that can serve as practical carry-ons, or hard plastic cases for travel. But they aren’t versatile enough for weekend getaways in the woods or even hitting the gym with. And the handcrafted ones that are cool? Often way too expensive to even consider. Plus many of these choices involve a compromise in either quality, style, ethics or bank balance. Which is why Stubble & Co bags are the obvious choice, they effortlessly tick all of the relevant boxes. Plus the classic designs are unisex and gender-neutral so they look good no matter how you identify.

The company was founded five years ago, and since then, it has released four bags; the Backpack, the Commuter, the Everyday bag and the Weekender. Now although these products have been welcomed with open arms, their latest bag, the Adventurer, currently available on preorder on Kickstarter, is set to be one of a kind. According to Stubble & Co, the bag is designed, built and constructed without compromise. Every feature, detail and dimension has been specifically calculated to provide the greatest functionality and versatility for you. It’s built to last, with a minimal and timeless design that will look good for years to come, wherever your destination. 

The bag features a 16-inch padded laptop pocket, a shoe compartment, a bottle pocket, discreet pockets for storing valuables and a clamshell that makes for easy packing. All this is wrapped in a waterproof exterior that folds small. Weighing less than 2kg, you can pack more than a week’s supply of clothes in the Adventurer and it will still pass for carry-on with most airlines. And you can carry it as a backpack or by the handle with ergonomically designed adjustable straps that makes it fit for users of any height.


Considering all of the bag’s features and benefits, the thing I like most about Stubble & Co’s Adventurer is that it is well-suited to every part of the traveler’s life. From the workplace to the gym, then as carry-on for your flight to the great wilderness, the Adventurer is, well, an adventurer’s best companion. The bag is designed for the modern nomad and this is hardly surprising when you consider that the founders of this company got their inspiration for Stubble & Co whilst exploring the island nation of the Philippines in November 2015.

All this comes against the backdrop of sustainability and ethical production. Most outdoor lovers are also earth lovers and this is clearly the case for Stubble & Co who have taken their sustainability efforts up a notch. For starters, the bags are made to last, featuring recycled fabrics and materials throughout. From taped seams to waterproof zippers, the bag and all Stubble & Co products pass through high standards of quality and performance testing. And where any bag has issues, the business has even created a repair workshop that enables their customers to get their bags fixed in two days rather than replacing them, turning their backs to planned obsolescence in favour of circular fashion. This gesture cannot be understated, particularly in an industry where apparel brands want you to replace items as soon as possible.

With over 1800 customer reviews at a rating average of 4.9, it’s clear this British brand are doing many things right, for their customers in addition to the planet. With their proven track record, and with their Adventurer bag recently smashing its Kickstarter goal, we expect this range of Stubble & Co bags to be just as successful as all the rest.

To preorder your very own Adventure bag, click here.

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