dk Active Takes a Slow Fashion Approach, Moving From Four Collections a Year to Two

dk Active Takes a Slow Fashion Approach, Moving From Four Collections a Year to Two

Australian ethical activewear label dk Active is the latest fashion brand to announce that it will be slowing down its fashion calendar to two collections per year rather than four – beginning with its Spring/Summer ’20 MOVE collection – in a bid to reduce the tsunami of clothing ending up in landfills.

“With two collections per year rather than four, we greatly reduce our sampling, creating less waste as well as encouraging a more minimalistic approach for our consumer,” the brand said in an email. This is an addition to the company’s commitment to local manufacturing its range in a solar-powered factory in North Brisbane, as well as sourcing sustainable fabrics made from recycled content.

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dk Active produces its range in a solar-powered factor in North Brisbane.

This comes on the back of Gucci’s announcement in May that it would be transitioning away from the seasonal fashion model in favour of two seasonless shows per year; an announcement that has clearly set the tone for the entire industry.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 87% of all disposed textiles is sent to landfill or incinerated and less than 1% is chemically recycled back to reuseable raw materials. And with 63% of textile fibres derived from petrochemicals and projected to increase, the microplastic problem impacting our oceans isn’t going to be solved anytime soon.

In line with its more minimal philosophy, dk Active has moved away from trends to pieces with staying power. The ethical activewear brand has kept its collection classic and timeless by offering black basics that look ultra chic and are designed to stand the test of time. Featuring innovative and premium fabrics such as rayon flax, Italian Lycra and SUPPLEX®, its new collection is fashionable but can be worn transeasonally.

Chloe Crop and Baseline Tight.

Two stand out pieces include the Baseline Tight with its supportive high waistband that seamlessly fits into existing wardrobes and the super-flattering Chloe Crop which features light, crossover straps and v-shaped neckline and can be used as an everyday crop top.

While the move to slow down fashion collections spells the near death of seasonality, the more effective way for brands to reduce environmental impact is to help their customers move from a disposable mindset to a mindful one.

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