10 Unique Virtual Tours to Experience in Pandemic Lockdown

10 Unique Virtual Tours to Experience in Pandemic Lockdown

We don’t need to go through a door to enter a different realm. We don’t need a witch’s broom to fly us away. A good book alone can accompany us during self-isolation. A beautifully spun tale can bring us places. It serves as our portal to a different world. All we need to do is crack open a book and let our imagination take off.

However, some people need more than words on a page to stimulate their curiosity. Fortunately, we are living in a time where you can literally stay at home and still get to explore places you’ve never been to before. Thanks to the internet, and the pandemic lockdown measures, the world of virtual travel is taking off while we hunker down.

With social isolation still in place, tourism companies are forced to adapt their business models, and bring the world to travelers instead. Launching virtual travel experiences and virtual tours to satisfy people’s need to sightsee and engage with various cultures all from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Here are some virtual travel experiences and tours to check out. Put your virtual seatbelts on and enjoy these magical tours.


A virtual tour during a pandemic in one of the most romantic cities in the world – who wouldn’t want to mentally escape to Paris during the pandemic? And getting around Paris to see all the amazing sights without stepping on dog poop? Even better.

So make a night out of it! Pop open a bottle of French wine and get cozy with your beau or fur baby.

The Eiffel Tower is a must-view; whether you see the virtual version of her instead of the real thing, she still won’t disappoint!

10 Unique Virtual Tours to Experience in Pandemic Lockdown
Credit: Cyril Mazarin.

Then of course, there’s the world-famous The Louvre. This is an opportunity for you to visit and wander the biggest museum in the world without the torture of waiting in the long queue. How good is that?


You can now soak in the rich culture of this South East Asian country from your couch. Contiki recently offered their first ever virtual tour to Thailand. Check out our previous post to find out how you can virtually dive deep into the colorful and physically stunning ‘Land of Smiles’.


The spirit of traveling has definitely come alive with Explore’s Virtual Safari live cam tours where you get to witness how amazing the wild truly is, with live feeds of animals in their natural habitats such as Decorah Eagles and amazing scenic locations such as the Redwood Forest River in the United States.

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If you’re looking for a virtual travel experience with a twist, follow the Plague Doctor as you venture back in time to the dark scenes of 18th century Prague. On this historical walk through the Old Town to the Jewish Quarter you will learn how the bubonic plague started and spread to finally take the lives of roughly 200 million people.

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Travel back in time and experience the ancient cities of Egypt. Explore the the famous tourist attractions around the Giza Necropolis and learn more about one of the oldest civilizations on this planet.


How cool is it that we can actually have a virtual hike up the Great Wall of China without having to physically sweat it out? This tour stretches for six and half miles of the wall, between Jinshanling and Simatai. Soak in the views and see the exceptional scenery of this part of China.

Disney World

You and your kids can have a wonderful time taking a virtual tour around Disney World without the pain of having to wait in line. While you won’t be able to enjoy the rides, you can still get a grand tour and enjoy the entire Florida resort park with the whole family – safely at home.

New Orleans

Get to know the uniquely wonderful place of New Orleans from the comfort of your couch where you can either party with the locals, get spooked by their strange beliefs or get lost in the gastronomic delight of local cuisine. You can choose a destination you’d want to experience – from the Cajun Swamp Tour to the Mardi Gras World!

A street greeter in French Quarter, New Orleans. Photo: Photo by Nathan Bingle.

Mount Everest

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined that I would be able to take a tour of Mount Everest, see it from a helicopter and not have to spend a fortune to get there and back, or freeze my tush off to experience it!

Discovery shares this incredible virtual reality journey of Mount Everest through the eyes of helicopter rescue pilots who they call the ‘lifeline’ of this great mountain.

Buckingham Palace

Enter the royal residences and experience the home of The Queen – Buckingham Palace! For some, this may be the only chance you can get to visit this iconic building, so now’s your chance to take advantage of it. The virtual tour begins by taking you to the Grand Staircase. Just writing about this makes me want to curtsy already.

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Cover image of The Louvre museum in Paris, France. Photo: Silvia Trigo.

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