6 Self-Care Tips From Famous Women – That They Actually Swear By

6 Self-Care Tips From Famous Women – That They Actually Swear By

By Stacy Walden

Self-care is currently in the spotlight as many of us are home 24/7 during lockdown and are armed with a little extra time on our hands. The importance of prioritizing healthy habits has only been amplified since the start of the pandemic as preserving mental health and physical wellbeing is essential when our routines have been disrupted.

We all know that our daily routine contributes to success and life satisfaction, and plays a vital part in maintaining wellness and sanity in our fast-paced world. If you feel moments of anxiety, discomfort, or that your progress in life or your goals have taken a back seat, consider incorporating some self-care activities into your day-to-day to add some balance back into your life.

To help you get started with creating a self-care routine that works for you we’ve rounded up a few pillars you can rely on for guidance. 

Remember the basics

We all know that sleep, diet, and exercise are the three keys to proper health and feeling your best self. That being said, it’s nearly impossible nowadays to keep up perfect eating habits and sleep schedules. Start by focusing on one and build upon it. 

Self-Care Tips From Famous Females – That They Actually Swear By
For comedian and actress Mindy Kaling’s self-care tip keep reading. Photo: DFree.

Show yourself some love

This pillar, especially right now, is the most important to keep in mind when setting and keeping your self-care goals. If you haven’t felt like your usual self during quarantine, you might fall into the trap of practicing negative self-talk or self-doubt. Instead, take the opportunity to be kind and more patient with yourself. If you are feeling out of sorts and indgule in foods (chocolate, ice-cream, potato chips) that you believe you shouldn’t, don’t berate yourself over it; just try to do better next time.

Lean on others

Knowing when to reach out for help is key to self-care. If you’re feeling particularly disconnected from friends (as many of us are currently given the circumstances), schedule a weekly recurring date on Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or House Party to touch base with those who support you the most. 

For some additional inspiration and a cue from some of our favorite famous women, these self-care tips on how they nurture their minds and bodies daily will help to guide you on your journey. Keep reading below for visuals on how these female celebrities for some easy tips to incorporate into your self-care routine. 


1. Take a holistic approach

There’s no doubt that Beyonce is one sassy, hard-working and successful woman. So how does she balance her work and family life? She swears by acupuncture and Wim Hof breathing methods. Take a cue from Beyonce next time you’re feeling stressed out.

2. Get that body moving

In her memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama opens up about how committing to a workout schedule helped her feel more calm and collective. So if you’re feeling down or just blah, exercise. Whether that’s going for a run, practicing yoga or hitting the gym, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine, according to WebMD. This will help improve your mood and give you the energy to overcome whatever the day throws at you.

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3. Declutter

Comedian, actress and author of the bestseller Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling declutters her home to center herself and clear her head. Try it next time you feel suffocated by the chaos in your mind but make sure to start with one room and go to the next rather than trying to do it all at once or you’ll likely feel more overwhelmed than when you began.

4. Connect with others

When we’re feeling down, anxious or upset, it pays to connect with family and friends to talk through these emotions. We are social creatures and being alone can only get us so far. Actress Kristen Bell leans on her close circle when she needs support and if it works for her, it can work for your too.

5. Take a “self-care day”

When you’re as busy as actress, entrepreneur and mama Jessica Alba, self-care days are crucial to finding stillness in amongst the deadlines, expectations, business goals and family needs. Take a day for yourself to connecting with your inner being and restore your soul. You could spend the day reading a book, heading to a day spa for a pamper or just get a haircut, but no matter the activity, remember that this is a day to honour YOU and there’s no ‘wrong’ way to practice self-care day.

6. Meditate

There have been many scientific studies showing that meditation can reduce mind-wandering, improves focus, enhances problem-solving ability, increases compassion and decreases negativity bias. Jennifer Aniston swears by transcendental medication and frequently practices it.

With so many reasons lately to prioritize healthy habits, you can’t go wrong with leveling up your self-care routine so make sure to give these a go.

Stacy Walden is a writer from sunny San Diego. She enjoys practicing yoga, learning about holistic self-care and beauty treatments, and taking her dog to the beach.

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