Salvos Stores Launch Australia’s Largest Online Op-Shop

Salvos Stores Launch Australia’s Largest Online Op-Shop

Responding to the challenging business environment resulting from pandemic lockdown restrictions, Salvos Stores, the retail arm of non-profit organisation The Salvation Army, have announced the launch of their new online store, giving the community a chance to continue op-shopping and support their social mission – all from the comfort of their lounge rooms.

“Launching Salvos Stores online is a huge leap forward for charity retail, said Lucas Ferrier, Salvos Stores E-Commerce Manager. “This is the largest online op-shop in Australia and really brings the op-shop experience to life in an online environment.

For those who frequent the brick-and-mortar stores but aren’t confident in op-shopping online, the charity has made the experience simple and user-friendly to ease customers into the transition.

Eco-stylist and Salvos Ambassador Faye De Lanty in an interview with the The Today Show, describes the curation process: “What we’ve tried to do is keep it simple; so just those pieces that we all need at home: great jackets, denim, t-shirts, especially coming into the winter seasons, there’s lots of sweaters and cardigans.

Eco stylist and Salvos Stores ambassador Faye De Lanty wears vintage Australian-made leather trench coat and scarf worn as a sash from Salvos Stores online op-shop; priced at just $50 and $5 respectively. Image supplied.

The new shopping platform also allows customers to shop from a range of different Salvos Stores across the country, with more stores to start adding their products in the coming weeks. Currently, about 30 Salvos Stores are contributing donated items for online sale. With thousands of new items being listed each day, shoppers are sure to find some bargains.

“The prices are great; so it’s that same feeling of going into a thrift store you get a bargain but you’re just doing it from the comfort of your home, says De Lanty.

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Anita Vandyke, Sydney-based zero waste advocate, wears a stylish vintage leather jacket she discovered on Salvos Stores online op-shop. Image supplied.

Op-shopping online with Salvos Stores is a great way to support Australia’s most vulnerable, as all of the profits from the sale of these donated goods supports The Salvation Army’s community and emergency relief programs. These programs assist Australians who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and family abuse, and those experiencing crises, such as losing their homes in devastating Australian bushfires.

“Shopping second hand with a charity like The Salvation Army is a way you can give back, a way you can join your passion for environmental impact and social impact and doing that much needed good for the community you are part of, adds Matt Davis, National Director Salvos Stores.

Salvos Stores continue to offer hundreds of unique and collectible items through their eBay store, but hopes this new e-commerce approach helps to reach loyal customers and encourage op-shoppers to continue supporting their social causes.

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