#Plantstagram: 10 Green Instagram Accounts to Follow for Plant Inspiration

#Plantstagram: 10 Green Instagram Accounts to Follow for Plant Inspiration

Naturally being eco-conscious we love Mother Nature and now more than ever we are nurturing our home spaces (given we can’t really be anywhere else thanks to COVID-19) and that involves bringing the outside in. I for one have been slowly transforming my room into a sort of plant jungle, not only for the aesthetic but for the physical and mental benefits associated with indoor plants. As such I’ve rounded up some of the best #Plantstagram accounts from interior inspiration to eco gardening tips.

Summer Rayne Oakes – @homesteadbrooklyn

If there’s one person you should follow on Instagram it’s Summer Rayne Oakes a.k.a Homestead Brooklyn, an urban houseplant expert whose content extends from an informative blog and a book ‘How to Make Plants Love You‘ to a houseplant masterclass. She also has a Youtube channel with over 200k followers and for good reason – any question you have about plants we guarantee she has got you covered.

Jennifer Nini – @jenniferbnini

Another person you should follow is none other than our editor, Jennifer Nini a.k.a Jen. Living and working on her 120-acre rural property really gets the thoughts going off, packing up life and moving into the middle of nowhere. Her kitchen garden seems like an endless supply of delicious produce – her plant wisdom makes her worth the follow but even more so for the plant-based food that she creates from her organic garden (hello vegan pho!).

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Jennifer-Nini Eco Warrior Princess

Microcosm Earth – @microcosm.earth

This plantastic Insta account is run by Australia-based Jana Stewart, a budding microbiologist and commercial plant stylist focused on conservation. Microcosm Earth isn’t just about plant inspiration, Jana launched Microcosm to encourage people living in urban areas to have more green in their lives. You can buy plants online from her store (curated from local nurseries within Sydney) and she also runs ‘plant parenthood’ workshops! For those outside of the area you can contact her for a consultation to assess your space for what plants are right for you.

Jana Stewart, founder of Microcosm Earth in her Minimart store in Petersham. Credit: Paramount House Hotel.

Plant Mama – @plantmama_

If you want beautiful plant and art inspo, Jenna Holmes of Plant Mama is the one for you – she started the platform as an ode to the women and avid gardeners in her family (the original plant mamas to her) and now shares her personal stories and plantspiration on Instagram. Plant Mama has an online store that you can buy a Seedling Starter Pack to get you flexing that amateur green thumb but also has other green items you can buy.

Jenna Holmes a.k.a Plant Mama on Instagram.

The Plant Society – @theplantsocietyau

Not just an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, The Plant Society are an online store and magazine full of plant tips. They have also recently started a podcast called All Things Green (you can find it on Soundcloud) that covers the people, places and politics behind plants – and if there’s anything we can consume right now without guilt, it’s a new podcast series!

Credit: The Plant Society.

Samuel Wines – @samuelwines

A self proclaimed science nerd and ecologist, Samuel Wines is not only a great person to follow for all round conscious inspo but over the past year he has been sharing more and more of his adventurous horticultural side! A scientist and professional model, he is also the CEO of Phoenix School Program, an Australian charity that seeks to improve access to scientific equipment for schools nationwide, and is an advocate for sustainable business.

Samuel Wines’ Instagram account is jam-packed with natural wonders.

Plants By Benny – @plantsbybenny

Interior designer Ben Alcaraz has a curated feed with posts that you will most certainly be saving. His Instagram imagery is aesthetically pleasing but even more than that, his plant skills and interior styling are impressive.

Benny Alcaraz of Plants By Benny has serious plant styling and interior decorating skills.

Jenn – @lostinplantopia

Jenn started her Plantstagram to connect and learn from other plant lovers. She sees nature as essential to wellbeing (us too!) and that plants are something that everyone can have a relationship with through observing, listening and learning from them as they grow.  Head on over to her blog Lost in Plantopia for even more content where she has plant profiles with all the information you could ever need to expand your plant knowledge.

Darryl Cheng – @houseplantjournal

Darryl’s account is a great Plantstagram for plant parent beginners. He coins his content as the sensible approach to houseplant care. His captions are super informative; you’ll find he regularly posts images of his home office that doubles as an impressive greenhouse! Over the years he has been asked thousands of questions by his followers, so much so that he decided to record all his plant wisdom in a book The New Plant Parent that’s available all around the world is an Amazon bestseller in the gardening category.

The New Plant Parent’ by Darryl Cheng is an Amazon bestseller.

Lotte Van Baalen – @plantsonpink

Last but definitely not least my personal favourite for #plantspiration is Plants on Pink founded by Lotte Van Baalen because it’s exactly what it suggests – combining my two favourite things, plants and the colour pink. This Plantstagram is an online gallery of plants on pink backgrounds with images submitted from people around the world. Lotte offers a chance for global creatives and plant lovers to have their images showcased on a platform with a following of 113,000. To submit yours just head to the website and follow the submission prompts.

Plants on Pink is a celebration of plants on pink backgrounds.

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