7 Conscious Brands Making Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

7 Conscious Brands Making Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

When I first started looking for a yoga mat, I felt like Goldilocks (and the three bears). I found many that were too soft, too hard, too slippery, or too heavy. But the most frustrating thing I found was that most of them were made from PVC. PVC is plastic; how contradictory is it to practice yoga, a spiritual and earth connecting act, on top of a piece of plastic?

Just like Goldilocks, I’ve finally found the perfect eco-friendly yoga mat for me. Yoga mats are never one-size-fits-all, so in the hopes you’ll have a Goldilock moment too, here are seven eco-friendly yoga mats.

(Note: It’s also important for me that my yoga mat is ethically made. Although many of these mats below are, some lack transparency so I cannot confirm if they are all ethically made. If this is important to you, please email the company directly.)

1. Valka Yoga $109.99 – $139.99NZ

This is it: the one the three bears found me sleeping on. Valka Yoga was the first to tick all my boxes, and after nearly three months of consistent use, I’m still in love. This mat is made from sustainable rubber and cork, and comes in plain cork or with a stunning elephant stencil. Danny, co-founder, visits the China-based factory where the mats are made to check on their worker treatment, wages, and safe working environment. The factory always meets their requirements! This is the only mat in this list that I have personally tried, so I recommend that if you do purchase, nestle into a child’s pose and breathe in deeply; the smell is exceptional.

Credit: Valka Yoga.

2. WE-AR $108NZ

Made from rubber and jute, this WE-AR mat is known for it’s non-slip qualities and Instagram-worthy design. WE-AR employ makers in Bali under ethical working conditions, and you can compost the mat at the end of its life too.

Choose from a graphite blue or seapine green, and practice safely knowing you are supporting a New Zealand owned company who cares deeply for people and planet.

Credit: WE-AR.

3. Second Earth $119AU

Second Earth is not in the business of simply selling yoga mats. This Australian ethical yoga brand is devoted to the planet and committed to helping you practice yoga in the best way possible. Their yoga mats are 100% non-toxic, non-slip, ethically sourced, and sustainable yoga mats are their forte. Inspired by Australian beaches and the importance of wellbeing, Second Earth designed their mat to help you feel freaking brilliant about yourself and your connection with the earth.

The ‘connected’ mat is made from natural jute and rubber. It comes in earth black, forest floor green, and sky blue. Whichever you go for, you’ll also get a cotton yoga mat strap to take your practice everywhere.

Credit: Second Earth.

4. LovEarth $78 – $108AU

Another beauty made from rubber and jute, LovEarth are your go-to if you’re in the market for a white or charcoal dye-free yoga mat. As well as comfortable and eco-friendly downward facing dogs, LovEarth offer a synthetic yoga mat collection too. At checkout, click the box to receive a return label for your old mat, and LovEarth will happily accept it to upcycle in all sorts of ways with community groups around Australia.

Credit: LovEarth.

5. Scoria World $59-$110US

Similar to my own yoga mat, Scoria World mats are made from cork and rubber, with stunning black designs that range from mountain lions to moon phases or unicorns. For every mat sold, Scoria World give 10 meals to children in need through an organisation called Feeding Children Everywhere. The meals are distributed globally, in the communities who need the meals most.

Credit: Scoria World.

6. Yin Yoga Mats $119 – $129AU

You know it’s a good yoga mat when the print inspires you to use it daily. I am certain Yin Yoga Mats do exactly that. Their completely unique patterns are works of art, although microfibre on the top, the bottom of the mat is sustainable rubber and the mat is completely PVC-free.

The mats are shipped without plastic, using recycled and recyclable cardboard only. What I love most about Yin Yoga Mats is their openness to questions about their supply chain and sustainability.

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Credit: Yin Yoga Mats.

7. Mukti Mats $84.95 – $119.95AU

Mukti Mats was birthed after a trip around the globe and the realisation that the surface you practice yoga on is critical to a positive practice. The founders, an Australian couple living in Wollongong, took their experience and ran with it to create an anti-slip, ethically and sustainably made yoga mat. Offering free shipping Australia-wide, the Muktimat comes in a travel size, extra large, or extra durable for those avid yogis who need a mat to take outdoors.

Credit: Mukti Mats.

Disclosure: This list was curated based on the writer’s research. It does not take into account all the ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. Click here to read more about our policies.

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Cover image via Yin Yoga Mats.

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