How I Protect My Mental Health During This Pandemic

How I Protect My Mental Health During This Pandemic

Note: This letter from the editor was originally published in our weekly newsletter and is being republished here.

Hey guys,

How are you?

If you’re anything like me, your life has altered during this pandemic. Here’s how mine has changed:

  • there has been a surge of conscious businesses enquiring about working together (which makes sense as business owners try to work out how to increase sales at this difficult time);
  • our local regional town looks more of a ghost town than usual bar the supermarkets and rural and hardware stores (Australian household hardware chain store Bunnings was super full of people yesterday, fuller than on weekends and was an interesting shopping experience with only four people allowed per aisle LOL!),
  • local shops such as my green grocer Farmer & Sun and even supermarkets such as Woolworths now have these huge plastic armour shields protecting their cashiers from customers,
  • I’m using hand sanitiser every single time I return to the vehicle from a shop or errand (we keep our hand sanitiser in our car at all times) and I’m also washing my hands more frequently and for longer;
  • my partner Ben and I are doing all the shopping and errand-running for my future in-laws as the local community has seen a number of COVID-19 cases now and it’s just not safe for them to be out and about at the moment,
  • this pandemic has renewed our family’s sense of commitment to a sustainable and self-sufficient life and we’re growing lots more food and hoping to tick off a fair few more building projects on the farm such as another greenhouse and outbuilding; and
  • I am feeling heightened emotions and am feeling super sensitive to other people’s emotions.
Eco Warrior Princess founder Jennifer Nini at her farm home in Australia
EWP founder Jennifer Nini at her farm home in Australia. Credit: Ben McGuire.

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We’re living in trying times and protecting our mental health is super important. Here’s how I’m protecting my mental health and wellbeing as the pandemic forces so much change on my life:

  • talking with my family and friends about how I’m feeling (you all know who you are!),
  • avoiding social media and mainstream media as much as possible (limiting as much as possible my exposure to other people’s expressed emotions such as anxiety and stress and the negative news cycle),
  • keeping my work routine so that my mind is occupied and there is still a sense of normal,
  • doing more gardening so I’m getting exercise and still connecting with nature,
  • supporting as many local and conscious businesses as I can with my personal dollars and through our limited resources at EWP,
  • cooking new dishes and being creative with how to use up produce we grow,
  • breathing exercises and meditation (thanks to the Calm app and also to my beautiful eco stylist friend Faye De Lanty for sharing her meditation resources with me, you’re the best!), and
  • getting lots of sleep and rest.

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Now over to you: how are you protecting your mental health during this time? 

Quote I’m Loving This Week:

“Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming.” – Anonymous

Background illustration by Angelina Bambina.

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Thank you to all who have replied to the newsletters over the last month, shared your feelings/stories on social media and checked in on me. I really appreciate your kind words and gestures, and your continued support. It really means a lot.

Now hope the rest of your week is fabulous, stay safe and healthy!

Peace, love and all that jazz,

Editor-in-Chief Jen xx

Feature image of a variety of Monstera plant taken at Bunnings. Editor Jennifer Nini wears Wrangler’s sustainable denim jeans ‘Indigood‘ and sustainable vegan kicks by Beflamboyant.

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