Female-Led Startup Dooeys is Making Sustainable House Shoes From Apple Leather

Female-Led Startup Dooeys is Making Sustainable House Shoes From Apple Leather

Women will no longer have to choose between wearing unsupportive slippers or comfy outdoor shoes inside their home. Sustainable startup brand Dooeys has created the perfect eco-friendly indoor shoe that does the job of both; slipshoes™ that are super stylish, supportive and built for comfort.

Ideal for conscious women who work from home (since the coronavirus has governments locking whole cities and countries down, this is becoming the new norm) or prefer to lounge indoors in effortless style, Dooeys all-in-one house shoes are lightweight, fashionable and ethically-made in Europe.

Female-Led Startup Dooeys is Making Sustainable House Shoes From Apple Leather
Dooeys Loafer style.

Jordan Clark, a female entrepreneur from Seattle dreamed up the concept in March 2018 while living in Amsterdam. After learning about the social and environmental impacts of fashion and that the industry accounts for roughly eight percent of greenhouse gas emissions, Clark knew that if she were to launch her own brand, she would have to make it as sustainable, cruelty-free and transparent as she possibly could.

“We want women to look and feel good while doing good for the planet.” – Jordan Clark, founder of Dooeys

Jordan Clark founder of vegan indoor shoe brand Dooeys
Jordan Clark founder of vegan indoor shoe brand Dooeys.

Clark set out on an entrepreneurial mission to do exactly that; and over the next several years, she connected with footwear development experts, innovative suppliers and ethical manufacturers to turn her indoor shoe dream into reality.

The result is a sustainable house shoe that is the perfect cross between a cozy slipper and an all-day practical shoe (hence ‘slipshoes’) which is suitable for every task a woman needs to do at home.

Sustainable vegan materials

Partnering with a responsible and sustainably-minded factory in Portugal, Dooeys house shoes are classic in style, thoughtfully designed and expertly developed and handcrafted in Europe. The shoe is available in U.S. women’s sizes 5-12 and comes in two styles, the Dooeys Loafer and an effortless slip-on style called the Dooeys Mule. The footwear also features six high-quality sustainable materials.

Female-Led Startup Dooeys is Making Sustainable House Shoes From Apple Leather
Dooeys is available in two styles: Mule (left) and Loafer.

The shoe uppers are made of apple leather, a vegan leather alternative to animal leather. Its apple leather is made from organic, post-processed apple skins and cores, a byproduct of the juice industry. The apples are originally grown in the Italian Alps.

In addition to apple leather, the Dooeys loafer style features recycled vegan suede derived from recycled polyester that has been transformed into a premium, luxurious material using advanced technology.

The outsole is made from sugarcane EVA. Unlike petroleum-based EVA foam commonly found in sneakers, sugarcane EVA is a bio-based material that is just as soft and flexible but without the nasties. Made from raw sugarcane, a renewable plant that curbs emissions by absorbing carbon, sugarcane EVA is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional EVA.

Dooeys Mule.
Apple leather shoes
Dooeys Loafer.

The Loafer insoles are made of cork and is sourced from Portugal, the world’s biggest producer of this vegan material. Made from the bark of cork trees, the fibre is sustainable because it’s renewable, grows abundantly and doesn’t require the entire tree to be cut down. Cork is also odor resistant and naturally anti-bacterial. When mixed with natural latex, a liquid extracted from the rubber tree, it provides shock absorbency and supportive cushioning.

The Dooeys Mule insoles are made from coconut husk, a vegan material that is heat and moisture-resistant and is breathable.

The lining in all of Dooeys house shoes are made from TENCEL®, an eco-friendly fiber made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees and manufactured using a closed-loop process.

From the outset, founder Jordan Clark wanted to serve women at home with a shoe that provides the softness of a slipper with the everyday comfort of outdoor footwear that doesn’t compromise on style and sustainability. From all accounts, her indoor shoe startup is on its way to doing just that.

To join Jordan Clark’s mission to reimagine the slipper and drive positive change in fashion, pre-order your pair of Dooeys on Kickstarter here. They are offering exclusive discounts that will only be available for a limited time. The crowdfunding campaign ends April 9.

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