Vegan Fashion Week Collaborates with Red Carpet Green Dress for 2020 Oscars Campaign

Vegan Fashion Week Collaborates with Red Carpet Green Dress for 2020 Oscars Campaign

Los Angeles, California: Vegan Fashion Week was invited to contribute to Red Carpet Green Dress (RGCD) pre-Oscars party. The annual pre-Oscars Gala hosted an intimate plant-based dinner and cocktail party with over 100 guests, partners and industry executives to celebrate the collaboration with textile giant Lensing’s new luxury brand TENCEL™ Luxe. The event was held at the Absolut Elyx house in the Hollywood Hills, where award-winning director James Cameron, husband of RCGD founder Suzy Amis Cameron, hosted the evening. 

Vegan Fashion Week founder and CEO Emmanuelle Rienda selected eco-luxury designer Matea Benedetti to represent Vegan Fashion Week with the creation of a surprise gown unveiled at the party. The stunning animal-free dress features TENCEL™ Luxe, a material that the manufacturer Lenzing says will biodegrade in water, soil and compost under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions. TENCEL™ Luxe textiles can fully revert back to nature within 8 to 12 weeks. The filament yarn is derived from wood pulp from sustainably managed sources, which means it is 100% plant based. 

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Eco-luxury designer Matea Benedetti created this stunning vegan, biodegradable dress made from TENCEL™ Luxe. All images supplied.

“This collaboration is the symbol of the future of fashion where sustainability meets ethics,” says Rienda. “Our mission at Vegan Fashion Week is to lead and inspire positive change through fashion, because fashion is activism.”

Rienda said she was humbled and honored to have played a key role in this year’s RCGD event alongside other high-profile, eco-conscious attendees such as French actress Léa Seydoux, Kaitlyn Dever, Mena Suvari, Danielle Macdonald, Tiffany Haddish, Zelda Williams and Tyrese Gibson.

Vegan Fashion Week’s involvement in this year’s Oscars event proves that a humane, ethical and sustainable fashion industry may very well be possible.

Vegan Fashion Week founder and CEO Emmanuelle Rienda (centre) with award-winning director James Cameron (left) and unidentified guest.

Conceived in 2009, Red Carpet Green Dress is a women-led global change-making organization that challenges designers from around the world to deliver eco-friendly garments through a no-waste approach. It encourages designers to focus on social impact consideration, fair and humane treatment of manufacturers, transparent supply chain, and materials which use a high proportion of recycled and biodegradable materials.

This press release was submitted by Vegan Fashion Week. It was edited for length and clarity. The third Vegan Fashion Week returns to Los Angeles the first week of April 2020. For more details, visit

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