7 Unique Places to Stay in Europe Where You Can Reconnect with Nature

7 Unique Places to Stay in Europe Where You Can Reconnect with Nature

Whether you’re living the life of a perpetual traveller and need to get off the beaten track to untouched wilderness or just looking to be surrounded by nature to destress from the gruelling work week, we’ve found the travel resource for you: Nature.house.

Nature-loving brothers Tim and Luuk Van Oerle spent their childhood fishing, bird watching, building huts and satisfying their curiosities in the great outdoors. Reflecting on their own travel needs and prioritising peace and quiet away from noisy crowds and mass tourism, they launched Nature.house, an online site curating unique accommodations nestled in natural surroundings for like-minded travellers.

“We were searching for the perfect hideaway in the middle of nature that was not situated on a holiday park,” explains Tim Van Oerle. “We wanted to start bird watching the moment we stepped out of our cottage. We simply couldn’t find it on Google, so we decided to create a platform ourselves.”

And that the Van Oerle brothers did. The online travel platform caters to individuals seeking to leave their daily struggles behind and enjoy a soulful retreat situated in remote areas in nature, filled with breathtaking landscapes, beautiful sunrises, stunning sunsets, and wildlife.

The site also satisfies the needs of the traveller looking for quirky and unusual accommodations in nature; think cottages, cabins, tiny homes, tree houses, chalets, glamping sites and even old towers, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on Nature.house and more.

The business is so committed to environmentally-friendly travel in fact, that they have partnered with several tree-planting .and conservation organisations such as Birdlife International, Eden Projects and Trees. For every overnight stay booked with Nature.house, they plant a tree. Their goal is to reach a million trees by the year 2021.

Ready to leave your day-to-day problems behind and nourish your spirit with a dose of nature? Here are some of our favourite picture perfect nature hideaways in destinations right across Europe that we know you’ll love.


Experience the delightful contrast of Spain’s old and new, modern and traditional, holy cathedrals and busy nightlife. This is a cool nature house in Andalusia to book.

Nature House in Campillos

Prepare your senses for this heaven on Earth. This nature house is as beautiful on the inside as the natural environment is on the outside. It sits on a hill overlooking the breathtaking view of Embalse de Guadalhorce reservoir. This is the perfect getaway if you’re looking to escape the daily routine of your life and instead, want to be transplanted to a romantic and idyllic place that comes with a beautiful herb garden. You even have the luxurious option of using a private beach on Lake Guadalhorce. 


If you’ve been thinking of checking out Belgium’s diverse landscapes such as its gorgeous beaches to the country’s vast forests, this nature house in Fisenne is a must try!

Nature House in Fisenne

My oh my, this detached, tree house in Fisenne takes the award for being super unique. Located on the edge of a forest on a hillside in Fisenne in the Luxembourg region of Belgium, this isolated clamping spot has beautiful views of the Ardennes and can house two persons, perfect for honeymooners or couples seeking a one-of-a-kind romantic getaway. The accommodation is suspended on a tree and comes with clear dome roofing, ideal for stargazing. Aside from having fun being cooped up with your partner, you can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities around the area or and even trek down to some of the well-known cities in the region.



We all want to experience the magic of Italy in all of its grandeur and what better way to do that but to immerse yourself in a staycation where you only read about in fairy tales or a fantasy that only exists in your dreams.

Nature House in Gombola

Be a princess on your vacation and enjoy a unique stay in this brick tower! This tower comes with the breathtaking view of the rolling hills and rich greens of the Apennines. Dated back to the XV century, this chalet is old century living adapted for modern times. Enjoy the quiet stillness of this enchanting nature house or enjoy a hike along the Matilda roads and visit the castles within the vicinity, whatever you decide, you are guaranteed a memorable experience.



Netherlands is becoming the ultimate travel destination as it offers more than just centuries-old windmills and stunning tulip fields, but a seemingly undiscovered underbelly of natural wonder and culture.

Nature House in Papenvoort

When you plan to go off the grid, this nature house is your best bet. It is a tipi tent situated near a lake, offering a stunning backdrop of old deciduous trees. This place is in the middle of Hondsrug, an ideal location for nature lovers where shops are just a ten-minute drive away. Abundant in both peace and privacy, the cosiness of this campsite will give you the feeling of camping with convenience of glamping.



If you want to get lost in Germany’s soul stirring landscapes, rich history and fascinating culture, below is our pick for an eco-friendly nature house.

Nature House in Viechtach

This comfortable nature house is large yet cozy and can accommodate a great holiday for the whole family or a group of eight. It is situated in a beautiful wooded area where you and your guests can wander or cycle along trails, or visit the nearby Bavarian Forest National Park if you prefer. Cherish quality time with your loved ones in this secluded wonderland during the day, and at night, you still have the option of venturing to the many restaurants and bars located just six kilometres away from your tranquil nature house.



France will forever seduce tourists but there’s more to this country than sidewalk cafes and the Eiffel Tower. 

Nature House in Grandrieux

How many cottages out there come with two beautiful horses? Not many but this one sure does. This hidden gem is located behind the village of Grandrieux in France, surrounded by lush plantation and even has its very own swimming pond. It has a built-in solar panels and a water supply from a natural source and filtered through an extensive water filter system. It is close enough to the city where touring won’t be a problem however, you may find it hard to leave the exquisiteness of this tranquil world.



If you’re planning to visit ancient kingdoms, walk along cobblestone villages and want to be captivated with the splendor of Portugal, below is our choice of where to stay.

Nature House in Aldeia do rouquenho

This tiny home getaway is located near a beautiful reservoir Odivelas, where you can swim and is ideal for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Enjoy your peace and serenity in the isolation but in Instagrammable style as the cabin design is eco-friendly, made of wood and cork, shaded by a 100-year-old olive tree and overlooks a shadow valley. There’s also a swimming pool with covered cabana nearby. There’s plenty of walking and cycling tracks so you can explore the area, and the towns of Ferreira do Alentejo, Beja or Aljustrel are close if you want to shop and enjoy the local cuisine.


Like what you’ve read? Keen to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and reconnect with nature? Head on over to Nature.house and book a stay with them– you’ll satisfy your wanderlust and have a nature experience you will never forget!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nature.house. All images via their website. All opinions presented in this post are held by that of the author. For more information about our policies, click here.

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