Retailers Unite to Fundraise for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Retailers Unite to Fundraise for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Over 30 of Australia’s leading retailers with a combined network of 1,000+ stores have joined forces to provide 100% of profits from this Thursday 9th January to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

As businesses which rely on the goodwill of their communities, the collection of local and international brands united proactively for the nationwide initiative, seeing it as an obligation to step forward and support those that support them, collectively making a real difference. This initiative provides an opportunity for people in each state and territory, and at home through online donations, to get involved.

The retailers and supporting partners are: Abrand, Afterpay, Ben Sherman, Brixton, City Chic, Cue, Dr Denim, Farage, General Pants Co., Globe, Hush Puppies, Lacoste, Lee, Levi’s, Local Supply, Misfit, M.J. Bale, Nautica, Neuw, Nudie, Rodd & Gunn, Rollas, Speedo, Stussy, The Iconic, The North Face, True Alliance, Ugg, Veronika Maine, Wrangler, XLarge.

Retailers Unite to Fundraise for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund
Cue is just one of over 30 brands participating in the fundraiser to raise money for the Australian Red Cross disaster relief and recovery fund.

“The size and scale of these fires in many parts of Australia is unprecedented. But so is the incredible wave of support we’ve seen from people and businesses around the country and overseas,” said Belinda Dimovski, Head of Engagement and Support at Australian Red Cross.

“The funds raised will ensure our trained staff and volunteers can continue to be there for the long haul, helping people take a deep breath, take stock of their losses, and slowly but surely get back on their feet.

“We’ll also be giving out emergency grants to help people cover essential costs as they start to rebuild.”

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Money raised by ‘ALL IN’ for the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund will be used to:

  1. Welcome people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs. Listening, comforting, making people’s wellbeing their number one priority.
  2. Locate missing loved ones through the Red Cross Register.Find.Reunite service.
  3. Provide emergency grants to those who’ve lost their homes to fires this summer, to cover immediate and everyday expenses.
  4. Stay long after the disaster has passed via 1:1 support as people recover, and prepare resilience programs for the wider community.
  5. Provide ongoing training, education and community outreach in preparation for the next disaster, be it here in Australia or further afield.
Smoke billows during bushfires in Buchan, Victoria, Australia, December 30, 2019. Photo: Glen Morey via REUTERS.

In conjunction with purchases made on Thursday, select retailers of the ‘ALL IN’ initiative will also be taking additional donations to the Fund instore and via their individual websites.

People wishing to donate directly to the Australian Red Cross can do so at

Retailers wishing to get involved in the day can do so by contacting Alex Mumby at

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