SOL Organics Ethical and Organic Bedding, Sheets and Linen That Won’t Cost the Earth

SOL Organics Ethical and Organic Bedding, Sheets and Linen That Won’t Cost the Earth

Whoever said that shopping is therapeutic must have been a capitalist, or an advertiser, or a shopaholic, or all of the above. Shopping is hardly a soulful ride especially when, at its very worst, all it does is encourage people to worship at the altar of consumption, encourages them to compete with the Joneses and eats into their hard-earned savings. However, shopping can be a positive experience when you’re buying with a purpose; for material items that you cannot do without and that are simultaneously ethically and sustainably produced. Take a beautiful set of fairtrade, organic bedding from SOL Organics for example.

The average person spends about one-third of his or her lifetime sleeping. If you’re like me, I’m sure you love your bed as much as I do. It is, after all, my sacred space. I relish my alone time in it; buried under stacks of pillows or just laying down and getting much needed rest. I also treasure family time on my bed, cuddling my children and cozying up together makes for the happiest place on Earth. And I happily surrender to the marital bed night after night with my husband, discussing our dreams, our goals, and our day’s highlights and lowlights.

Because I spend so much time in my bed and on my bed, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is important, and that’s where SOL Organics comes in. These organic bed sheets have been produced with ethical and sustainable values, bringing clean and positive vibes into the bedroom and turning shopping from an act of self-indulgence to one of self-nurturing.

SOL Organics offer affordable organic bedding that meets high standards of ethical criteria. Much of their range is made from the finest non-GMO, 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton which produces a 300-thread count sateen fabric, making the fabric breathable, comfortable and luxurious, ideal for bedding.

Credit: SOL Organics.

With its organic cotton growers, fabric suppliers and certified fairtrade manufacturers in India, the company is able to limit needless shipping and transportation, further reducing costs, and passing on the savings to customers by way of reasonably priced organic bedding. So everyone wins: farmers, garment workers, customers and SOL.

(Note: The brand also produces a beautiful range of bedding made from luxurious 100% certified European linen if this is more your cup of tea).

Organic bedding is better for you

Resting on ultra-soft, earth-friendly bedding that has not been treated with toxic pesticides and harsh chemicals will provide a good night’s sleep; re-energizing your brain and body so that you wake up revitalised and feeling much healthier. Those with skin allergies will love these sheets too since they are chemical-free and Oeko-tex certified and won’t irritate sensitive skin. The price of organic bedding is a small price to pay when you consider the benefits of good health, irritation-free skin, optimal sleep hours and minimal environmental impact.

And in our increasingly health and eco-conscious world, more people are looking for ways to detox themselves from toxic chemicals, with many turning to organic food, organic beauty products and even organic clothing. Since our skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs so much, it makes sense that our bed sheets be organic too.

Credit: SOL Organics.

After all, conventional bedding and pillow cases are usually made of chemically-treated conventionally grown cotton or worse, petroleum-based ‘plastic’ fabrics such as polyester. Furthermore, some of these fabrics are treated with chemical flame retardants that have been linked to whole host of health problems from fertility issues to cancer. 

Since SOL Organics produces bedding that are free from chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, toxic dyes, industrial solvents, formaldehyde and phthalates, our skin won’t be absorbing any nasties and we can sleep clean, green and ethical.

Eco bedding that gives back

Sustainable, organic, transparent, fairly made and fairly priced; these are the values that make up the fabric of the SOL Organics brand.

Aside from purchasing high-quality organic bedding, you are supporting a company that cares deeply for the planet and the people working in its supply chain. Aside from its commitment to organic and fairtrade production, the company also donates $7.50 of every bedding purchase to one of four charities of your choice:

  • Children’s Defense Fund, which is a nonprofit child advocacy organization with programs that lift children out of poverty and protect them from abuse and neglect;
  • Hope for Justice, a non-profit organization which aims to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery;
  • Water 4, an organization whose aim is to end the world water crisis through enterprise solution in the hands of local people;
  • The Fund for Animals, an organization that, with your donation, aims to save thousands of animals from cruelty and suffering. 
Credit: SOL Organics.

So get a better night’s sleep knowing that everybody and every thing wins when you buy SOL Organics bedding– the farmers, the workers, the environment, and you.

Prices start from US$169. For Cyber Monday SOL Organics is also offering 35% off all luxury organic bedding PLUS free shipping! Use the code CM19 at checkout to receive the discount. To browse their range or to make an organic bedding purchase, click here.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SOL Organics. All images via SOL Organics. All opinions presented in this post are held by that of the author. For more information about our policies, click here.

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