TerraCycle Launches 100+ Zero Waste Boxes to Recycle Cigarette Butts, Medical Blister Packs, Chewing Gum, Toys and more

TerraCycle Launches 100+ Zero Waste Boxes to Recycle Cigarette Butts, Medical Blister Packs, Chewing Gum, Toys and more

To coincide with Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week, global recycling pioneers TerraCycle are launching over one hundred new Zero Waste Boxes in Australia, making practically everything recyclable. From today, Australians can now recycle anything from cigarette butts through to chewing gum, party decorations, jewellery and toys, instead of sending them to landfill. Also included is an ‘all-in-one’ box to recycle anything that isn’t accepted in kerbside collections.

TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes are recycling solutions for items that aren’t typically accepted in kerbside collections. A Zero Waste Box is filled with a specific waste stream before being shipped back to TerraCycle through Australia Post. TerraCycle will then sort, shred, and melt the waste into plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of new products such as garden beds, park benches and even playgrounds. Globally, TerraCycle has diverted more than 7.7 billion pieces of waste from landfill.

TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes.

The new zero waste solutions offer Australians an alternative to sending their ‘non-recyclable’ waste to landfill. In a survey of over 1,800 Australians aged 18-60, TerraCycle found that close to 90% of respondents would switch to a brand that offered a recycling solution for its products, versus one that doesn’t, even if they were more expensive.

Over 90% of respondents also claimed that they would recommend a brand to their family and friends that offered a recycling solution for its products. Over 80% of respondents participated in one or more in-store recycling program and said they would start shopping at a store that offered an in-store recycling program.   

Biome Zero Waste ad

TerraCycle are also today unveiling their new Shopify website where consumers can purchase any of the new Zero Waste Boxes for the home, office, school or business. This one-stop-shop will allow recycling enthusiasts and zero-wasters nationwide to truly amp up their recycling efforts.

Recycling enthusiast, Bernie Good, from GymbaROO Glebe said TerraCycle had designed an easy recycling solution that anyone could participate in.

“I wanted to provide parents with an easy solution to recycling their children’s toys. With the help of our new Zero Waste Boxes, we see families becoming enthusiastic about recycling and teaching their children about our environment and waste. 

“I believe that having a social conscience and being an active member of society begins at an early age and we must encourage it.”

The launch of the new Zero Waste Boxes is also highly welcomed by waste warriors Holly and Charli Garrity, also known as the Wacky Wildlife Sisters.

“Considering the amount of non-recyclable material we use in our schools and across Australia, we think these new Zero Waste Boxes are perfect for anyone wanting to divert more of their waste from landfill. We hope these recycling solutions will have a huge impact and reduce the amount of plastic entering our environment.”

Waste warriors Holly and Charli Garrity aka Wacky Wildlife Sisters.

General Manager of TerraCycle Australia, Jean Bailliard, adds: “TerraCycle is committed to providing innovative recycling solutions for items that most Australians consider non-recyclable. We asked our collectors what they wanted to recycle and have designed these new Zero Waste Boxes with them in mind.” 

For a full list of Zero Waste Boxes and to purchase one, visit terracycle-au.myshopify.com/.

To learn more about how Zero Waste Boxes work and to check out TerraCycle’s free recycling programs, visit terracycle.com/en-AU/zero_waste_boxes.

This media release was submitted by TerraCycle.

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