10 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas For Recipients Who Prefer Experiences Over Things

10 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas For Recipients Who Prefer Experiences Over Things

Gift giving and consumption associated with Christmas can often kick start that dreaded eco-anxiety; picturing unwanted gifts, plastic decorations and mountains of food waste and we can understand why.

With an increasingly eco-conscious world, there are many ways to enjoy the season and minimise your footprint at the same time. From a Christmas presents perspective, we’ve pulled together affordable eco gift ideas for him, for her and for kids, but if you’re more inclined to give something that isn’t a physical gift we have you covered too.

1. Donate to a good cause

With over a million hectares of Australia devastated by recent catastrophic fire conditions, a gift with purpose and is much needed, is a donation gift to the Rural Fire Service on your gift recipients’ behalf. You can also pick a charity or organisation that aligns with their values and donate to that instead. 

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2. Pay for a service

Although this may sound like a boring gift, paying for a service like rent, house cleaning or yard work can really make a positive impact on a loved one’s life. In fact the only gift I have ever cried over when receiving was having two weeks worth of my rent paid by family as a Christmas present.

3. Give the gift of food

Let’s face it, food is delicious and brings people together. Whether you take someone out to dinner, bake them some delicious treats or take them on a picnic, the gift of food is always a lovely considered thought. 

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4. Membership or season pass

Give a gift that can be cherished throughout the year with an annual membership or season pass. The opera, a local theatre company, environmental organisation membership, national park pass or museum membership are just a few places to experience all year round.

5. Coupon book

Time is one of the most precious things we have, create a coupon book with different experiences and activities you can do together as a gift to your loved one. This is one idea that is great for kids because it allows them to feel like they have received a bounty of gifts that in reality are all meaningful experiences. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to create one, you can also purchase a popular one, such as the ‘Entertainment Book‘, that offers discounts and two-for-one deals for some of the best restaurants, hotels and eateries in Australia.

6. Classes or workshops

Think cooking classes, surfing lessons, mechanics courses, writing classes and art workshops and you get the drift. Look for places and resources like Work Shop that offer a whole range of different learning experiences and educational courses. No matter what your loved one is interested in there will sure to be a class to suit.

7. Experience eco glamping

An adventurous gift and perfect for someone that deserves a little time out, a vacation away eco glamping is an ideal Chrissy present. Places like Unyoked and Sierra Escape have created eco luxury experiences in nature to either take your loved one or friend or gift the experience to them. You’ll also want to check out Glamping Hub, the go-to platform for unique accommodation spots, luxury camping, cabin rentals, tree houses, yurt tents and more. There’s also Tinggly.com, the world’s best experience gifts platform that offers 600+ unique experiences for one or two people across the world; give the gift of a glamping experience through this website and they’ll offset your carbon too!

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8. Adopt a koala, tiger or other endangered species

Wildlife conservation organisations such as World Wildlife Fund give people the opportunity to ‘adopt a koala‘ and other threatened animal species. By giving the gift of animal adoption, you help rescue and treat of sick and injured wildlife and help them to be released back to their habitats if and where possible.

9. Spend the night at the zoo

Another great one for kids and families, gift the experience of a zoo sleepover to experience wildlife conservation efforts firsthand. Taronga (Sydney), Melbourne Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo) all offer a ‘Roar & Snore’ night that gets you up close and personal. Werribee Open Range Zoo also has a ‘Slumber Safari’ and Canberra’s Jamala Wildlife Lodge has a African savannah style safari experience. 

10. Plants

Okay this last one is a physical gift but who doesn’t love a plant and even better if it produces something edible. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and one that can offer a lifetime of mindful experiences.

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