OneSave/Day: The App Making Sustainable Lifestyle Accessible to Everyone

OneSave/Day: The App Making Sustainable Lifestyle Accessible to Everyone

Editor’s note: We have lots of talented and interesting eco-conscious community members from across the globe. In this feature, we want to share their stories, in their own words in the hopes that it helps you to grow and learn. If you have a story that you would love to share with the rest of the community, please get in touch! (This piece has been edited for clarity.)

My name is Maxime Leroux, I am 19 years old and currently studying International Management and Sustainable Development in Marseille, South of France.

I’ve never been a climate activist neither an app developer but I’ve always loved to get completely involved in a project when I become passionate about it.

Some months ago during my summer holidays I saw a lot of news in the media about climate change and how urgent the situation is. I was shocked and decided to act. The only problem I faced was this: I had no idea what to do on a daily basis that would actually have an impact and mitigate climate change.

I thought perhaps I could participate at a beach cleanup or something along those lines, but this contribution would still be maximum once a month, if that. I was frustrated that there seemed nothing I could do every single day to make a difference; to me, taking daily action just seemed to matter.

Then I got the idea of making the app. One simple action, every single day, easily implementable into every person’s busy lifestyle. I started thinking about the concept and on the same day, I began learning to code an app thanks to YouTube videos.

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My thoughts were that me alone would not have a crucial impact, but as a community, we could make all the individual actions count. Imagine 100,000 persons picking up one piece of trash on the same day. The result would be amazing, it would only take seconds for each participant to complete and the actions can easily be done every day.

This is what my app is about, and why I called it One Save / Day.

One Save a Day Sustainable Lifestyle Actions

The app is based on the concept of keeping positive environmental actions as simple as possible. You need to integrate it into your daily life, which is why every morning at 10am, you receive a notification reminding you to view the challenge of the day. It only takes you some seconds to read what it is and then you implement it in your day. It really is as simple as that.

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Think of it as a sustainability coach who is allocating you one daily task that you need to accomplish in order to do something good for the planet. It may sound too simple or seem ineffective, but taking small, steady steps each day is how positive change happens. And once you’ve completed the challenge you click on the “I DID IT” button and you can discover how many other people participated in this task and that your collective action contributed to making a better world. This is extremely motivating.

One Save a Day Sustainable Lifestyle App

I try to bring in a high variety of saves. It can be from “only drinking tap water instead of buying plastic bottles”, “not eating meat” to “putting the phone on low power mode”. There are hundreds of way we can help to stop climate change and I hope that my One Save / Day app helps people focus on these daily actions. More features will follow, not lastly due to a very engaging community.

I’m hoping we can build a large community on OneSave/Day as these collective individuals actions will have a crucial impact and transform individual lifestyles into more sustainable ones.

OneSave/Day is free to download on both the App Store and Google Play. To download the app, visit

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