Isla In Bloom: Sustainable Swimwear for Pool Cool, Beach Chic and Summer Romance

Isla In Bloom: Sustainable Swimwear for Pool Cool, Beach Chic and Summer Romance

As temperatures begin to soar and you start to make plans to whisk away to hideaway beach houses or tropical island locations, you’ll want to bring a bikini with you that’s fit for the idyllic surroundings – and I’ve got just the sustainable swimwear brand for you.

On the surface, you wouldn’t know Isla In Bloom is an eco-conscious label because its marketing and branding doesn’t scream ‘we’re big greenies!’. Their design-first, gentle approach to sustainability is exactly what I love about this swimwear label. 

Inspired by stunning locations across the world, Isla In Bloom creates swimwear for the conscious woman with a globetrotting heart and a burning desire to live in the moment. Their swimwear have daydreams and summer romance written all over it. Its first collection features feminine designs and delightful prints that oozes quiet charm and a playful innocence.

Isla in Bloom: Sustainable Swimwear for Pool Cool, Beach Chic and Summer Romance

Designed and made in Australia, this swimwear label may be new to the scene, but it’s making a big statement, both in design and green principles. Its swimwear is made from ECONYL® a high-quality, sustainable fabric from Italy that is made of regenerative nylon sourced and spun from ocean and industrial plastic waste. The fabric itself is luxuriously soft and durable, developed to withstand UV rays and retain its shape; a practical and eco-friendlier fabric choice for garments exposed to serious sun, surf and sand.

The interior lining continues the brand’s sustainability ethos, made from recycled polyester yarn originally derived from plastic bottles. The material is also fast drying and hard wearing and performs in the same way as standard polyester– except its recycled and makes use of existing resources rather than wasting it.

Isla In Bloom’s first range features three gorgeous collections with unique prints to cater to different tastes and preferences. All prints are designed by artists in the popular coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, and come in vibrant colours that capture that feeling of wanderlust.

The Peony Collection, for instance, weaves in a distinctive floral print, ideal for the woman seeking understated glam whilst lounging poolside or enjoying a refreshing cocktail at a beach resort.

Siena Collection

For a softer palette, there’s the Siena Collection, a wallpaper-like print that’s as warm as it is pretty; its muted hue springs to mind sunsets and summer breezes, for the off-duty, free-spirited wanderer.

However, the Mia Collection is my print of choice. It has a bohemian sensibility but not-in-your face hippie which is more me, and since the dominant colour is a midnight navy blue –and blue happens to be the colour I’m most infatuated with– picking this print was relatively straight-forward. Although if you find it difficult eyeballing prints online and making a decision, I encourage you to consider what’s in your summer wardrobe, what you can pair it with and knowing the colours that look good on your complexion. This just comes down to experience and wardrobe reflection. I wear many different shades of blue so I had zero doubts that the Mia print would look good on me.

Isla in Bloom- Sustainable Swimwear for Pool Cool and Travel Chic

I also stuck to styles that I knew would work on my petite proportions, the Mia triangle bikini top with back tie and Mia regular pant bottoms (I’m more modest than cheeky when it comes to the derrière). All Isla In Bloom styles are classic and simple, with no frills, crazy straps and shapes, so they’re guaranteed to be ‘in’ no matter the year.

My feelings about the print and style were confirmed when I tried on the bikini; the hand drawn bohemian print looked incredible against my skin tone and the style enhanced all the right areas, from bust to bottom. The adjustable over the shoulder straps made it easy to fit the bikini top to my body and the padded cups helped enhance my A-cup boobs (if you don’t need any ‘help’ in that department, just remove them). The string ties did their job in keeping my butt tucked firmly in place.

Isla in Bloom Sustainable Swimwear | Eco Warrior Princess

Confident with my choice, I pranced around the Noosa North Shore holiday house to show it off. My partner Ben looks up and tells me that I’ve chosen a winner and that I look amazing. He tells me that this bikini is the best one I’ve worn to date, and he wants to see me in it lots over summer. He also tells me that his mate’s missus saw it on my Insta Stories and wants to get the same one. Awwww, love that I’m inspiring women I haven’t met (yet) towards sustainable brands.

Now nothing horrifies a non-model more than having their picture taken wearing a bikini, but thankfully the styles I selected were super flattering and the print was easy to accessorise. I had a much easier time in front of that camera.

Eco Warrior Princess x Isla in Bloom
Isla in Bloom- Sustainable Swimwear for Pool Cool, Beach Chic Summer Romance
Isla in Bloom - Sustainable Swimwear for Pool Cool, Beach Chic & Summer Romance

Heading to the beach one morning, I could have simply worn my bikini and thongs (for all you non-Aussies, that’s what we in the land down under call flip flops), but I was feeling a little Sporty and Posh Spice, so in addition to my usual beach straw bag and sunnies, I teamed it with my vegan sneakers, gold earrings, a yellow wrap top (because blue goes with yellow like an olive goes with a martini) and of course, I brought my reusable cup.

Isla in Bloom Eco Swimwear _ Eco Warrior Princess
Eco Warrior Princess Editor in Chief Jennifer Nini wears Isla in Bloom

These images of me in the bikini speak for themselves. And remember, I’m not a swimwear model ha!

So if you’re looking for a bikini that blends romance, sustainability, fit and quality and flatters the figure, Isla In Bloom’s range is as beautiful as it is empowering.

To browse their stunning swimwear collection, visit

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Isla In Bloom. Swimwear was gifted as a part of this partnership. Images of EWP Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Nini photographed by Ben McGuire. All opinions expressed are held by that of the author. Facts and other specific product information is checked with the company. For more information about our policies, click here.

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