10 Sustainable and Ethical Straw Hats, Sandals and Other Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

10 Sustainable and Ethical Straw Hats, Sandals and Other Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

While everybody is busy rummaging aisle after aisle for the perfect Halloween decoration or Christmas finds, this is the best time for you to update your summer wardrobe and grab those essentials as well. Why? Take advantage of the currently available prices and discounts – before the silly season increases store pricing too!

Whether you’re after an ethically-made straw hat or a sustainable pair of sandals, here are some summer fashion essentials to add to your shopping list (if you’re short in time and can’t –or don’t like– to shop second hand).

1. Will & Bear Straw Hats

We all need our daily dose of Vitamin D. A quick sunbathing sesh whilst lathering up in eco and reef-friendly sunscreens, will do the trick but too much sun exposure can damage your skin. It’s why a straw hat is a summer essential; it protects your eyes and face from the sun.

The Will & Bear Yorke Sand Straw Hat is the ideal hat, made from twisted recycled paper straw, it also comes with an adjustable soft cotton sweatband so it can fit a head of any size. The natural materials are lightweight and cool enough to sit on your head, while complimenting your new tan. There’s even stylish straw hats available in kids sizes too!

This hat isn’t just stylish or a great shield from the harmful UV rays, by purchasing the hat, you also get to contribute to a project that plants trees. Will & Bear’s Plant A Tree Forest Project aims to plant ten trees for every hat you buy.

Will & Bear ethical straw hat | Eco Warrior Princess
Will & Bear

2. Brave Soles Ethical Sandals 

Summer sandals might just be my favorite footwear next to a pair of kick-ass boots. It’s flirty, comfortable and can go with skirts, short or jeans. 

With Brave Soles, you get to elevate not just your looks with a chic pair of sandals, but your moral code too. All of their sandal soles are made from upcycled tires. Used tires, as we know, are piling up at landfills, recycling centres, rivers and everywhere in between. As a solution, Brave Soles upcycle these tires into soles that are used in their stylish, ethically-made footwear.

With every tire upcycled, 100% of the emissions from manufacturing synthetic rubber using petrochemicals are also being avoided. These pairs are great for the feet, your health and the environment! Not to mention providing sustainable livelihoods for all artisans involved in handcrafting each pair of Brave Soles sandals.

3. Made Trade Swimwear

If there truly is a need to update your bathing suit collection, choose from the broad range of sustainable and ethical swimwear offered on Made Trade.

Made Trade believes that responsibly made products are more beautiful, and this online store allows you to support both the people behind the clothes, as well as our planet.

Choose from swimwear featuring sustainable materials, is vegan-friendly, USA-made swimwear and much more. Made Trade’s selection of swimwear comes in a range of styles and colours; from cheeky cuts to more modest styles and caters to women of all sizes.

Made Trade stocks a broad selection of swimwear styles and sizes.

4. The Dharma Door Bags and Totes

When you need a versatile bag to carry all your summer essentials, The Dharma Door offers a number of gorgeous handcrafted bags perfect for any summer outfit.

The Dharma Door is an ethical e-marketplace for fashion accessories and homewares and guided by Fair Trade and sustainability principles. All their bags and totes are made from natural materials which are handmade and hand-woven by skilled artisans from various regions to create unique pieces that reflect beauty and care. All bags are made from the highest quality of fibers and are woven into thoughtful design and purpose. There are plenty of classic and trendy styles to choose from to complement all tastes and preferences.

Dharma Door Jumbo Hemp String Bag

5. AO Organics Hawaii Natural Sunscreen

With harmful UV rays, sunscreen is necessary, even on cloudy days. However, most sunscreens are loaded with chemicals that don’t just harm our skin but our oceans too.

Fortunately, there are a number of sunscreen brands that are ocean-friendly and safe for the marine ecosystem. One of which is the AO Organics Hawaii Natural Sunscreen which uses ingredients that are 100 percent natural, organic and reef-safe. All sunscreens and skincare products are safe for our oceans, environment and our health – be it a tanning lotion or sunblock. It’s also packaged in eco-friendly and reusable containers.

6. Proof Eyewear Sunglasses

A summer look won’t be complete with the perfect pair of shades. For the sustainably-minded individual, purchasing any pair is not enough. It has to be produced with materials that are eco-friendly and kind to the earth. 

The Proof Eyewear‘s range of sunglasses for men and women are handcrafted from sustainable wood, cotton-based acetate and recycled aluminium. Their lenses have both UVA and UVB protection and the design comes in different styles that are fun and trendy which will suit any type of personality. All of the natural materials used in the construction of the frames are treated to protect from the elements and natural wear and tear.  

Proof Eyewear produces eco-friendly sunnies for men and women.

7. Hilana Eco-Friendly Blankets and Beach Towels

A great day at the beach or park requires a blanket that allows you to enjoy the scenery with your friends in comfort. The Hilana eco-friendly blankets and towels are ideal for those looking for form, function and style.

All Hilana towels are made from 50 percent natural cotton and 50 percent regenerated, upcycled cotton which makes it light, compact and softer with every wash. According to the company, for every Hilana towel you buy, you recycle what an average person recycles in eight years. The company is also a certified B-Corporation aka it achieves high social and environmental standards.

Hilana eco-friendly blankets are ideal for picnics, beach towels and throws.

8. S’well Bottle Reusable Water Bottle

Whether indoor or outdoor, you have to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And since hydration is key as temperatures rise, carrying a reusable water bottle is crucial. A S’well’ BPA-free, recyclable and eco-friendly water bottle is exactly what you need.

S’well was created to help the world give up its single-use plastic bottle addiction. The reusable bottle brand produces beautiful designs that are both functional and fashionable.

Aside from that, S’well also supports many causes and organisations such as UNICEF. The company’s focus is donating to water programs in countries like Madagascar where residents lack access to clean and safe drinking water.

S’well water bottles come in several sizes and a broad range of prints and colours.

9. Eco Lips Lip Balm

Hot and harsh weather tends to dry out our skin and that includes our lips. To avoid chapped lips, your summer tote bag should include a great stick of eco-friendly lip balm.

Eco Lips is the original organic lip balm. In 2003, they were the first USDA certified organic lip balm ever. The ingredients are made from Fair Trade cocoa butter and coconut oil to help support the farmers and because it is made from natural ingredients, it is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are good for your lips. 

Credit: Eco Lips

10. United By Blue Bandana

There are days when you’re not in the mood to wear a hat and you decide to leave them on the rack. What other stylish way to protect your head but to wrap it in a gorgeous bandana that’s both fashionable and versatile. United By Blue bandanas are exactly that – fashionable and versatile plus sustainable.

This bandana is made from 100 percent cotton and with every bandana sold, United By Blue donates to help clean up trash from the world’s oceans. So far, they have removed over one million pounds of trash.

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