10 of the Best Sustainable Lifestyle Apps to Help You Live Clean, Green and Ethical

10 of the Best Sustainable Lifestyle Apps to Help You Live Clean, Green and Ethical

In an app-riddled digitally-connected world, green living has been made easier with free-to-download sustainable lifestyle apps available to everyone in just one click.

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, minimise plastic usage or need help in making cleaner, ethical and eco-friendlier lifestyle choices, these sustainable lifestyle apps will help you do just that.

1. Oroeco

Oroeco helps you calculate your daily carbon footprint. This app allows users to fight climate change by assisting you to offset your carbon footprint. It helps you track how much electricity you have already consumed and the emissions from your transport, food and other activities.

Oroeco helps you become a climate hero by letting you decide what choices are most important to you, helps you save money and inspires you to want to be a part of the solution to global warming.

This app is free and compatible for both android and IOS phones. However, it isn’t configurable in other countries outside of the United States.

Learn more about Oroeco here.

2. Good On You

The Good On You app is a fashion ratings app first developed in Australia in 2015 but over the years, has expanded to the US, New Zealand and Europe.

Good On You provides an easy-to-use directory of ethical clothing brands, so far has rated about one thousand popular fashion and accessories brands across the globe. The app allows you to find out how sustainable and ethical brands are by providing information on supply chain transparency, commitment to animal welfare and sustainability policies.

If your favorite brand isn’t ethical, the app will offer a suggestion of a similar and more ethical brand for you, and it even allows you to write to brands directly to request more information about policies or provide feedback.

Download the Good On You app here.

Good On You helps you make better fashion choices. Credit: Good On You via Facebook.

3. PaperKarma

PaperKarma “The Stop Junk Mail” app helps you become an eco-warrior by allowing you to control all the unwanted mail you receive that only ends up as a pile of trash at home. Just take a photo of your junk mail and hit submit and PaperKarma will contact the senders to have your name removed from their distribution list. You can eliminate junk mail and save trees in just a few clicks!

This app is available for users in the US and Canada only. Learn more here.

Credit: PaperKrama.

4. Refill

This app helps you look for the next nearest water station for you to refill your reusable water bottle– for free. There are 14,000 free refill locations; by using this app, you don’t have to ask for random shop owners for water or even worse, buy a plastic water bottle just to quench your thirst. The app helps you to save money, stay hydrated and become part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Refill is available across UK only. Available on GooglePlay and the App Store. Download here.

Credit: Refill UK.

5. Too Good To Go

With a third of all the food produced in the world wasted, food waste is a huge contributor to pollution and climate change. The Too Good to Go app will change that by helping you become a waste warrior and help save food destined to be thrown away. It gives cafes, restaurants and even juice bars a chance to sell their remaining food at a huge discount. With more than six million users and 15,000 stores, this app provides an easy way for customers to pick up good food on the cheap and save it from going to waste.

Available in Europe (UK, Germany etc) for now but hopes to be available globally. Download on Android or IOS here.

6. My Little Plastic Footprint

Supported by UN Environment, the My Little Plastic Footprint app offers dozens of pledges you can take to reduce your plastic usage including committing to natural and plastic-free clothing and applying coral-reef safe sunscreen. If provides information on plastic-free alternatives and best zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle practices. Get inspired by plastic-free heroes such as marine consultant and diver Pierre-Yves Cousteau and free diving record holder Nanja van den Broek. With more than 10,000 downloads and 340 reviews, this is one of the more popular sustainable lifestyle apps available. Rated G, it’s also great for educating kids too on their plastic footprint!

Free to download on iOS and Android, get My Little Plastic Footprint here.

Credit: My Little Plastic Footprint.

7. EcoCRED

Developed by Exelon Corporation, EcoCRED is a green lifestyle app that helps users lower their carbon footprint by helping them track the emissions of daily lifestyle choices. It allows users to set eco-focussed habits and goals, provides information on ways to reduce carbon footprint and ideas on how to change energy consumption behaviors. The app provides a fun way to track users journey to sustainable living and encourages healthy competition amongst the user community by ranking members on carbon footprint. To read a comprehensive review of the EcoCRED app, check out this post.

Download free on iOs here. Available to US residents only.

Credit: EcoCRED.

8. Love Clean Streets

Love Clean Streets is the UK’s leading environmental reporting service. It helps you report environmental issues or problems in your local place. Once you see these problems, open your app, take a photo and the app will locate where it is through your phone’s GPS.

To download, click here.

Credit: Love Clean Streets.

9. Forest

The Forest app is intended to help users stay focussed by planting and growing virtual trees however it has evolved now to allow users to plant actual trees when they’ve accumulated enough points on the app. The physical trees are planted in five African countries via Forest’s nonprofit partner Trees for the Future. So far they have already planted well over 200,000 trees (although that was recorded in 2017, so we expect this to have doubled since then) thanks to the help of app users!

To learn more or download the app, click here.

10. Energy Rating Calculator App

The Energy Rating Calculator App helps Australian users to shop for new appliances based on energy ratings, environmental impact and helps you calculate appliance running costs. It allows you to find energy efficient appliances and white goods and helps you work out energy usage in the long term. If you’re keen to save money by controlling the usage of those appliances or just keen to minimise your carbon footprint, make sure to download the app!

Available free on iOs and Android, get the app here.

Credit: Energy Rating Calculator App.

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