Climate Joy Week #13: McDonald’s to Ditch McFlurry Plastic Lids, New York Declares Climate Emergency and more…

Climate Joy Week #13: McDonald’s to Ditch McFlurry Plastic Lids, New York Declares Climate Emergency and more…

Hi there folks. This right here is the 13th edition of our climate joy series. The 13th!!! Can you believe it? We didn’t think this series would come this far. Thank you so much for reading, sharing and cheering us on all the way. Now let’s jump right into our collection of climate joys for the week…

1. New York Declares Climate Emergency

New York has declared a climate emergency. The legislation was passed by the New York Council which is an effort to mobilize a concerted response to the threat of climate change.

According to the Council, “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate emergency and has repeatedly obstructed global efforts to transition toward a green economy, and thus bears an extraordinary responsibility to rapidly address these existential threats”. 

This year, New York has proven to be one of the most active states in the fight against climate change. We recently reported about New York’s move to reduce power consumption by public buildings and also its ban of single-use plastics. So all in all, the Big Apple is flying the flag of climate action well.

2. McDonald’s to Ditch McFlurry Plastic Lids

Global food chain, McDonald’s has announced that it will be ditching the plastic lids that come with its flavored ice cream, McFlurry. The company  redesigned the packaging on the product in what it says is an attempt to cut 485 metric tons of plastic a year.

The new packaging will be released in September and means the McFlurry, shaker salads and salad meals will now come in packaging made from “carton board” which is completely recyclable. Half of the packaging material is made from recyclable content and the coating designed to keep the pots rigid is also environmentally friendly.

McDonalds will ditch McFlurry plastic lids but plastic spoon remains. Credit: McDonalds

This is a great move by the fast food chain but the only downside here is that the product will still come with plastic spoons as McDonald’s feels they are essential to the process of making the McFlurry fluffy as they are usually attached to the machine that mixes the chocolate topping into the ice cream.

The company states it is working towards eliminating all single-use plastic entirely as part of their promise to serve all food in renewable or recycled packaging by 2025.

3. UK’s Goal of Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 Becomes Law

The United Kingdom’s declaration of a 2050 goal of zero emissions has been codified into law. The declaration was made law by the an amendment of its Climate Change Act of 2008.

The target was announced earlier this month by Theresa May, the outgoing Prime Minister. With this act, the target becomes legally binding for the UK government and the country becomes the first G7 nation to make their net zero targets legally binding. Let’s hope other countries follow suit.

4. Costa Rica Bans Styrofoam

Costa Rica, one of the world’s leading countries in fighting climate change has taken its efforts towards plastics. The country has banned the use of styrofoam. According to the law, the import, marketing, and distribution of polystyrene containers — commonly referred to as styrofoam — throughout the country is prohibited. 

People who break the law face fines ranging from $763 to over $4000. To ensure compliance, the law requires the government to aid companies and organisations in the transition to a styrofoam-less economy and environment. 

Warby Parker ad

Costa Rica is a model for environmental friendly policies and currently generates over 70% of its electricity from sustainable sources. This is another feather to their sustainability cap!

Anyway, that’s wrap on this week’s edition of our Climate Joy series. We hope it supplies you with the encouragement and inspiration you need to keep up the good climate fight wherever you are.

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