New Initiative to Recycle Plastic Bread Bag Closures Launches in Australia

New Initiative to Recycle Plastic Bread Bag Closures Launches in Australia


A recycling program for difficult to recycle plastic bread closures could be the best thing since sliced bread. Kwik Lok, the global leader in bread bag closures used to keep bread fresher for longer is partnering with TerraCycle to make all brands of bread bag closures nationally recyclable, for free, through the Bread Bag Closure Recycling Program.  

Launched by Kwik Lok and global recycling pioneers, TerraCycle, the Bread Bag Closure Recycling Program allows Australians to collect and ship all brands of bread bag closures to TerraCycle free-of-charge. TerraCycle will then shred, wash and melt them down into recycled plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of new products as an alternative to virgin plastic. 

Bread bag closures are not currently accepted in kerbside recycling for several reasons, including their size. Similar to bottle caps, they are too small to be picked up during the sorting process in traditional recycling. Until now, the beloved bread bag closure would normally end up in landfills. 

To participate in the program, Australians simply sign up through the TerraCycle website and start collecting in any available cardboard box. Additionally, for every kilogram of bread bag closures sent to TerraCycle, $1 will be donated to Keep Australia Beautiful, doubling the positive impact of every closure recycled. General Manager of TerraCycle, Jean Bailliard, said the program is indicative of a global movement to more sustainable packaging and gave his advice to those wishing to participate in the recycling program. 

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“Bread bag closures are a plastic item the majority of Australians use every day. Because of their small size, we encourage people to band together and collect on behalf of a school, workplace or community”, said Mr Bailliard. “This ensures we are reducing the footprint of the program by sending larger shipments, less often”. 

Kwik Lok Chief Executive Officer, Don Carrell, said: “Kwik Lok is proud to lead the way for a more sustainable future, maintaining safety and quality standards and preserving the environment for customers, employees and the planet,” says Mr Carrell. “Partnering with TerraCycle has allowed our products to be nationally recyclable and reduces our carbon footprint and that of our customers.” 

The Recycling Program 

The Bread Bag Closure Recycling Program accepts all brands of plastic bread bag closures. To recycle in this program, Australians simply visit, sign up for free, join the program and start collecting all brands of bread bag closures in any available cardboard box. When full, they log into their TerraCycle account, download a free Australia Post shipping label, stick it to the box of closures and drop it at their nearest post office, free of charge. 

Additionally, for every kilogram of bread bag closures sent to TerraCycle, $1 will be donated to environmental conservation organisation Keep Australia Beautiful. Globally, more than $45 million has been raised for schools and non-profit organisations worldwide through TerraCycle’s free recycling programs. 

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TerraCycle is the world’s leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams, ranging from used cigarette butts to ocean plastic to oral and beauty care products and packaging. The waste is collected through manufacturer-funded programs that are free to the public, as well as Zero Waste Boxes that are purchased by end users for recycling from homes, offices, factories and public spaces. The collected waste is converted into a variety of raw materials and made into new products. 

TerraCycle has diverted over seven billion pieces of non-recyclable waste from landfill and incineration over 21 countries, and raised over $45 million for schools and charities worldwide. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, please visit their website here.

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