The Green Celebrities Taking Up Environmental Causes and Helping to Save the Planet

The Green Celebrities Taking Up Environmental Causes and Helping to Save the Planet

Some say the world is going to hell. However, with the planet over heating due to greenhouse gas emissions resulting in never-before-seen severe droughts, heat waves, arctic ice melting, I’d say we already are in hell. The good news is, more and more people are waking up and becoming enlightened about their impact on the planet we call home. More and more are creating awareness to help us rise above the hell we have built. 

Aside from viral news articles and video clips about global warming and plastic pollution, we’re drawn to the efforts of people we look up to –celebrities. Many of these high profile people are using their fame for a good cause and using their star power as platforms for change. 

Below is a list of some eco-conscious stars we admire for fighting to save our planet:

Jason Momoa – Fighting against ocean plastic

As an island boy, actor slash action man Jason Momoa is very passionate about the ocean and our planet. He fights against the use of single-use plastic water bottles and encourages everyone to use sustainable alternatives to hydrate themselves – and he does it in a funny yet hard core approach showing the metalhead side of him.

Emma Watson – Eco-Friendly fashion advocate

Emma Watson is a long-time sustainable fashion advocate, using Instagram The Press Tourand her own personal account to promote the conscious outfits she wears.

After the release of the popular Netflix documentary, The True Cost, the star has ramped up her advocacy in the hopes of influencing the next generation of fashion lover.

I will work for anyone for free if they’re prepared to make their clothing fair trade and organic.”

Emma Watson
Spell & The Gypsy Collective advert

Paul McCartney – Promoting plant-based eating

Sir Paul McCartney celebrated two things on June 18 – his 77th birthday and the 10th anniversary of the initiative Meat Free Monday.

Launched in 2009 by Paul and his two daughters Stella and Mary McCartney, Meat Free Monday is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of animal agriculture and how going meat free once a week can make a huge difference to the planet and our health. 

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Livestock production is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – even bigger than the carbon emissions of all vehicles in the world combined. As I mentioned in a previous article, “One day without meat can help to reduce agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions and ease the burden on the planet.”

Pearl Jam – Carbon mitigation

These guys aren’t just rock gods, they have been eco warriors from the very beginning, so much so that Eddie Vedder’s Earth First logo tattoo on his right calf has been there since the early 90s.

Before this super group established the non-profit The Vitalogy Foundation in 2006, a public organization that supports NGOs doing admirable work in the fields of environment, health, social change, arts and education, they have been known to mitigate their carbon emissions since 2003. For every tour, Pearl Jam calculates the metric tons of carbon dioxide they emit, including their world tours. Their calculations are based on flights and hotel stays, transportation mileage, shipping weight and the impact of each fan attending their shows. The band also allocates a percentage of their tour profits to invest in environmental projects.

For Pearl Jam’s US and European Tour last year, they voluntarily offset an estimated 3,500 tons of carbon dioxide. The funds of were donated to a carbon offset project in Alaska managed by Climeco, The American Land Conservancy and The Rocky Mountain Conservation. 

In 2018 on their Brazilian tour, the band voluntarily offset an estimated 2,500 tons carbon dioxide emissions produced from this tour in partnership with Conservation International. The funds were donated to Amazonia Live which is the world’s largest tropical reforestation project. 

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