A Guide to the Best Eco-Friendly Hair Removal Options

A Guide to the Best Eco-Friendly Hair Removal Options

With the warmer months in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere hopefully a European vacation, we have you covered for the best eco-friendly hair removal ways should you be inclined to go hair free.

Now of course the most eco-friendly way to manage body hair is to go all natural as it involves no consumption and in turn no production of waste however if you are like me and are looking for hair removal that has low environmental impact, there are plenty of options. 

Stainless Steel Safety Razor

In my opinion the most convenient way to remove hair is with a razor. It doesn’t involve booking an appointment, is relatively quick and easy and involves nothing more than what you would find in an ordinary bathroom with just an upgrade from your disposable razor to a stainless steel one.

There are multiple benefits to using a safety razor too. It is estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency that two billion plastic disposable razors are thrown away each year so switching to a stainless steel razor will drastically offset that. Although more expensive as a once-off, the replacement blades are pretty cost effective making them so much more economically viable than a disposable razor in the long run. 

Kappi Safety Razors.

Having a safety razor does require you to be more proactive when it comes to its end life though. In terms of recycling, when a blade is blunt you can either sharpen it or put it in what is referred to as a Blade Bank (a homemade storage container for your blades – something the blades won’t pierce through). Of course popping a blade directly in your recycling bin is very problematic. Once your Blade Bin is full, secure it shut, clearly label what is inside and drop at your recycling facility. 

Rockwell Razors are a good place to start if you are looking into a stainless steel razor as they offer a lifetime guarantee. For stylish razors, you can’t go past Kappi’s Matte Gold safety razor.

Eco-Friendly Shaving Cream

If you are inclined to up your shaving game now that you have sans disposable razor, this is where shaving cream comes in. LUSH have three shaving creams to choose from that of course like all LUSH products are gentle to your skin as well as the environment plus they smell amazing.

Another benefit of putting your money behind LUSH is that they have an in-store recycling program where by you can return five clean full size pots or tubs and receive a fresh mask for free. The company is also currently trialling completely package-free stores in Milan, Berlin and Manchester. 

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Sugaring is in reference to sugar waxing, a concept that involves making a paste using sugar, water and lemon juice then heating to become a soft malleable ball before applying to the skin when it cools and removing in the same direction as hair growth. Having not tried this personally, I’ve read it can take a few times to master so give yourself a little extra time, (and plenty of sugar) if trying out sugaring for the first time. 

You can also purchase sugar at bulk food stores, eliminating the use of further plastic or head to MOOM Organics for their pre-made mixture.

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Laser Hair Removal

A more expensive, high upfront cost alternative than other eco-friendly hair removal option but certainly beneficial in the long run if you prefer not to fuss about with waxing and shaving and want a permanent solution to removing hair. Laser hair removal can also be done on every part of the body including the face. Most clinics offer deals when buying multiple sessions so it’s definitely worth doing your research and keeping an eye on their website and social media for them.

Eyebrow Threading

When talking about eco hair removal we often forget facial hair, and in this case the all important brows. Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique that’s especially good for sensitive skin. It involves a professional threader using a piece of cotton thread and twisting into a double strand which is then used to pick up a line of hair and remove it a clean precise line. Eyebrow threading should be done by an experienced professional and is popular in major cities however may not be an accessible option in regional and rural areas. 

Eyebrow threading requires a skilled professional for superior results. Credit: Shutterstock.

If you have any other suggestions on sustainable hair removal or recommendations of tutorials, eco-friendly salons or brands for our EWP community, feel free to comment below.

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