From Fashion to Skincare, These 6 Hemp Brands Are Truly Sustainable

From Fashion to Skincare, These 6 Hemp Brands Are Truly Sustainable

As marijuana’s cousin, hemp usually gets a bad rap except that this type of ‘weed’ is cultivated carefully by licensed hemp farmers so it grows with very low THC, about 0.3 percent, which won’t leave you feeling ‘high’. However, we get a natural high at the astounding benefits of this wonder crop!

Aside from its rich health benefits, hemp is sought after due to its sustainable and eco-friendly properties. Considered a farmer’s best friend, it can grow in a variety of climates and in any type of soil. It also does a great service to the environment, as it can clean up soil pollution through a process called phyto-remediation. Pus, it is carbon negative as it absorbs carbon dioxide and sequesters it, which may just be our key to successfully reverse the effects of climate change. 

In addition, this plant can feed, clothe and house us. Here are some brands we’re loving that produce products that feature hemp:

Good Hemp (hemp milk)

Plant-based milks are now a thing and hemp milk is one of the healthiest types of dairy-free milk there is. Good Hemp milk is low in fats and free from cholesterol. It is a great source of protein and provides Omega-3, a good fat that promotes brain and heart health unlike some high-fat dairy which can spike up your cholesterol levels. Good Hemp milk is also a great source for iron and even provides more iron than cow’s milk. 

Milk from hemp is good for the environment as growing hemp is known for its resilience since it breeds like a weed (hence marijuana’s nickname ‘weed’). With its weed-like nature, it is naturally resistant to pests and can thrive in any climate and in any soil without the need for pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. It can also survive on less water than most plants. 

Credit: Good Hemp

Emjayze (hemp joints)

We all know how smoking kills but is everyone aware of how much of a burden the tobacco industry is to the environment? Starting from tobacco growing, curing, packaging, manufacturing, transporting and distributing over six trillion cigarettes in a year is a sure fire way of killing the planet too. That’s on top of the eight million tobacco kills each year.

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Emjayze hemp could be the answer to your smoking addiction and to the planet’s devastation. Emjayze Hemp is a 100 percent American-made company producing joints (and apparel). Blazing hemp rolls is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to tobacco. It is nicotine-free and completely organic. Emjayze hemp contains hemp in everything – from the joints to the packaging. These cigarettes are made from organic, Cannabidiol  (CBD) rich flower from Oregon that can help you de-stress without getting high.

Credit: Emjayze

WAMA (hemp undies)

Designed in the US and made in Asia, WAMA is the pioneer in hemp underwear. Hemp fabric makes for the perfect intimates as it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and has anti-odor properties. Not only that, it is comfortable and breathable. This type of fabric gets softer with every wash yet it is known for its durability and can even provide protection from UV rays.

When it comes to sustainability, hemp proves to be the most sustainable as it only requires half as much land and half as much water compared to how much cotton needs to thrive.

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EWP editor-in-chief Jennifer Nini wearing WAMA undies. Credit: Ben McGuire

The Hemp Temple (hemp fashion for women and men) 

We all know that with fast fashion comes exploitation, eco-nasty fabrics and selfish profit-seeking gains. The creators of The Hemp Temple fight for social change and environmental justice through producing slow fashion made of hemp. They envision a future where values drive human and business endeavours, ‘to let the sands resettle, in a new way.’ With the use of hemp in their clothing line, knowing its advantages, is the only way to go is forward – on to a better future and greener planet. 

“Hemp is a revolution in its own right.”

The Hemp Temple

The Hemp Temple’s mission is to serve the planet and the people. Hemp is the hero of this retail business. Through this sustainable plant, they can produce fashionable apparel and minimize their carbon footprint at the same time. They offer a beautiful collection of trans-seasonal, minimalist garments that reflect not just your style but your commitment to helping the planet.

HempMe (hemp skincare)

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is perfect for all skin types as it is very beneficial for our skin. Due to its emollient quality, it will treat your dry skin leaving it supple and soft. 

HempMe‘s main ingredient is organic hemp seed oil, believed to be the most balanced oil found in nature. Aside from its moisturizing qualities, as mentioned earlier, it provides protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Most importantly, hemp seed oil has a comedogenic rating of 0. Comedo rating in oils tell us how likely it is to block our pores which can cause acne. Some oils have a comedogenic rating of 4-5 unlike hemp oil that has 0. So if you need to add moisture back to your dry, sensitive skin, HempMe will leave your pores clear, soft and high-drated (see what I did there?).

Certified organic hemp skincare range by HempMe. Credit: HempMe

Hempitecture (hemp building materials)

Hempcrete is a building compound that is very much the same as concrete except it is made up of hemp wood fibers mixed with lime-based binder and water which produces carbon-neutral building supplies. Hempcrete is resistant to mold, insects and fire and it isn’t as brittle as regular concrete which makes it the perfect agent for building houses or even restoring old buildings.

The Hempcrete specialists, Hempitecture offer services throughout USA but its main office is Sun Valley, Idaho. Founder Mattie Meade is committed to building structures made from earth as it allows us to form a deeper respect for Mother Earth and help us feel one with nature at the same time.

Credit: Hempitecture

So end the stigma. Hemp may be marijuana’s cousin but it is its ‘sober’ cousin and this sober one is our chance for a greener and brighter future. Hemp, hemp, hurray!

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Feature image via The Hemp Temple.

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