EWP Podcast | Galahad Clark, Co-Founder of VIVOBAREFOOT

EWP Podcast | Galahad Clark, Co-Founder of VIVOBAREFOOT

It’s been ages since we released a podcast show but after months of silence on this front, we can finally announce our latest one – and we really think you’re going to enjoy it!

Our guest for this podcast show is Galahad Clark, co-founder of VIVOBAREFOOT, a sustainable shoe brand unlike any other on the market. The business specialises in making ‘non’ shoes, shoes that mimic your feet and are created for the ‘foot’ and are ‘foot-shaped’.

Galahad actually comes from a long line of cobblers and shoemakers. He is a seventh generation Clark of the Clarks shoe dynasty. Known to be a bit of a black sheep in his family—Galahad founded VIVOBAREFOOT on the premise that traditional shoes are ‘killing’ people’s feet, and calls them ‘foot coffins’ even though Clarks shoes are in the business of manufacturing traditional shoes!

Galahad Clark founder of VIVOBAREFOOT - Eco Warrior Princess podcast

Growing VIVOBAREFOOT from a passion project to a global footwear brand, Galahad is on a mission to create the most sustainable footwear brand in the world. From making shoes from algae and plastic bottles, to using vegan materials, sustainability has always been at the core of VIVO’s mission.

During our 45-minute conversation, this inspiring entrepreneur opens up about disrupting the shoe industry, reveals the health cost of traditional footwear, and what the brand’s 2020 sustainability goals are.

If you’re keen to learn about sustainable footwear and how to incorporate innovation and technology into your fashion business, you can’t miss this episode with Galahad. We hope you feel inspired to prioritise sustainability into your business and life after hearing this interview.

Peace, love & all that jazz,

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Show Notes

Connect with Galahad Clark and VIVOBAREFOOT

Discussion points and what you will learn in this episode

What you will learn:

  • Shoespiracy‘ and why ‘barefoot’ shoes are better for you
  • The benefits of going barefoot
  • The true cost of wearing conventional footwear
  • How VIVOBAREFOOT is embracing sustainable practices and technology
  • How the brand is embracing fashion circularity

…and so much more!

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