Circular Denim Brand MUD Jeans Raises Investment of One Million Euros

Circular Denim Brand MUD Jeans Raises Investment of One Million Euros

Investment enables Amsterdam-based company to launch a 100% recycled pair of jeans


AMSTERDAM DOEN Participaties and the Sustainable Economy Participation Fund for North-Holland (PDENH) are investing one million euros in Dutch sustainable denim brand MUD Jeans. The investment will enable the only circular jeans brand in the world to develop a pair of jeans made from 100% old jeans next year. The company also wants to use the money for the expansion to Scandinavia, France and the UK.

When it comes to sustainability and honesty, the fashion industry still has big steps to take. MUD Jeans shows that it is possible and is a sustainable leader and an example for many”, says Marc Rasmussen, Impact Investment Manager at DOEN Participaties. “We are very proud that we can support MUD Jeans in its mission to launch a 100% recycled denim next year, we do this by investing 500,000 euros each with PDENH.”

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Circular Denim Brand MUD Jeans Raises Investment of One Million Euros

Fully circular and sustainable

MUD Jeans currently uses 40 percent recycled cotton for its jeans. Thanks to technological innovations that are being developed in collaboration with Saxion University and the knowledge platform Circle Economy, they will be able to produce fully circular and sustainable jeans from old jeans in the short term. MUD Jeans not only develops jeans in a sustainable way, but also takes care of the people and society into its supply chain.

“We are very happy with this investment, this makes it possible for us to produce the most popular and polluting clothing piece in a different and sustainable manner,” says Bert van Son, CEO and founder of MUD Jeans. “DOEN Participaties and PDENH understand that it is possible to make good jeans as long as you are willing to pay a fair price.”

MUD Jeans is currently being sold in 29 countries through 300 retailers. The brand applies the principles of the circular economy and recycles all its jeans. Their essential denim products are designed according to minimal design. MUD Jeans achieves high standards from various sustainable organizations, such as the international B Corp.

In addition to its sustainable vision, MUD Jeans gained fame with the innovative business model: Lease a Jeans, a concept based on an economy without ownership where consumers can not only buy jeans but also lease them. Additionally, customers receive a discount if they return their old jeans.

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