20 Items That Should Be On Your Zero Waste List

20 Items That Should Be On Your Zero Waste List

If you’re keen to embrace a zero waste lifestyle (interchangeably called low waste lifestyle, low impact lifestyle, minimal waste lifestyle and waste-free lifestyle) here are the 20 things you will need to get started.

Some of these you will already own, some you can borrow and others you will need to buy (to keep your environment footprint light, we recommend searching for it second-hand first before buying brand new). While you may need to invest a small amount to begin with, most of these items will only need to be purchased once – that’s the beauty of zero waste products after all!

So without further ado, here’s what you’ll need to live minimal, low, zero waste:

1. Reusable cup

One of the easiest zero waste swaps to make, just take your reusable coffee cup with you and say no to disposable takeaway coffee cups. Some cafes even offer a discount if you do!

KeepCup Stylish Glass Coffee Cup with Cork - Espresso (8oz)
Glass KeepCup $30 from Biome

2. Reusable shopping bags

Say no to plastic bags and take your own. With governments around the world banning many types of plastic bags and customers forced to pay for plastic bags, just bring your own and you’ll avoid plastic pollution and extra expense.

Stylish Market Vegan String Tote Bag from The Clean Collective
String cotton bag $12.95 from The Clean Collective

3. Reusable organic cotton produce bags

Forget plastic produce bags and use reusable organic cotton ones instead. Those flimsy plastic bags aren’t good for much after single-use, imagine all the fossil fuel resources that could be saved if it weren’t being used on producing single-use plastic!

Reusable organic cotton product bags $19.95 from The Clean Collective

4. Reusable water bottle

Save money, save resources and just take your water bottle with you when you’re heading to work, to school or on a travel adventure. Tap water is drinkable in many Western countries and you can fill up at airports, gyms and hotels where water fountains and filtered water can be found.

S'well Reusable Water Bottles
S’well range of water bottles and reusables

5. Food storage containers

Reduce waste by taking your own food containers. Perfect for takeaway meals, packing picnic lunches or taking home restaurant leftovers. We recommend the Cheeki range of stainless steel food containers are stylish and functional.

Cheeki double stack food container $49.95 via Flora & Fauna

6. Reusable straw

Straws are a luxury for some and a necessity for others. Many people can actually do without (lips are made for drinking after all!). For some however, plastic straws are required due to physical limitations and disabilities. But if you are able-bodied and prefer to drink with a straw, switch to a reusable bamboo or metal straw and you’ll be doing your bit to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Zero Waste List - U-Konserve 2-pack metal straws
U-Konserve 2-pack metal straws $8.95 via The Clean Collective

7. Reusable travel cutlery set

If you commute, travel or eat out often, take another zero waste step and say no to the disposable plastic utensils that come with most takeaway meals, airplanes and hotels by using your reusable cutlery kit instead.

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Ever Eco Travel Cutlery Set $12.95 via The Clean Collective

8. Reusable smoothie tumbler

If you love ordering takeaway milkshakes, juices, smoothies or iced coffees, save on plastic and packaging waste by taking a reusable smoothie tumbler with you. Check out the MontiiCo insulated smoothie cup which makes a stylish addition to your zero waste list.

MontiiCo original smoothie cup $22.95 via The Clean Collective

9. Tea infuser

Did you know that some disposable tea bags are made with plastic? For zero waste tea, purchase looseleaf tea and use a stainless steel tea strainer such as the Love Tea Spring Handled Tea Infuser.

Love Tea infuser $15 via Flora & Fauna

10. Reusable safety razor

Ditch disposable plastic razors and opt for the traditional safety razor that is made from stainless steel and metal blades that can be recycled. Over the longer-term, this is also the more cost-effective option as a pack of five blades costs just $2.95.

Parker Safety Razor $41.95 via Flora & Fauna

11. Menstrual cup

The menstrual cup is an economical replacement for disposable tampons and menstrual products. Its upfront cost is between $36-$53 but will save you around $500 over its 10-year lifespan. Menstrual cups are made from 100% soft medical grade silicon so is safe to use and can hold up to three times more fluid than tampons and pads. Just wash hands before use, tip blood out after use, wash and insert. For tips on how to use, read this post.

12. Reusable menstrual pads

If menstrual cups aren’t your thing, you can buy reusable sanitary pads that can be washed after use. Hannahpads produce organic cotton pads with a patterned waterproof layer and is available in light, medium and overnight absorptions.

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13. Period underwear

No matter how careful you are, periods can and do spill and overflow. Rather than use disposable liners and pads, invest in comfy, padded period underwear. Wear them like you would your normal undies but you’ll have the added bonus of period protection. Modibodi produces ethically-made vegan period undies made from bamboo and comes in sizes 8-18. You’ve got the choice of light or heavy absorbency.

Modibodi vegan period undies $27.27 via Flora & Fauna

14. Reusable cotton pads

Say goodbye to disposable cotton balls and makeup wipes with the reusable cotton makeup remove pads. A 10-pack of Green + Kind reusable and washable bamboo cleansing pads costs $25 but will last you a lifetime if you care for them right. Just throw in the wash when you’re done, dry and reuse. Rinse and repeat.

15. Shampoo bar

Avoid shampoo and conditioner packaging by opting for shampoo bars, a zero waste way of washing your hair. Prices for shampoo bars range from $12.95 – $28. We recommend Clover Fields Shampoo & Conditioner Bar for lush, soft and silky locks. It’s a two-in-one shampoo and conditioning bar, is vegan, palm oil free and has stylish and recyclable packaging too.

Clover Fields Shampoo and Conditioner Bar- Zero Waste Vegan Shampoo Bar Xmas Gifts
Clover Fields Shampoo and Conditioner Bar ‘Shampoo with Purpose’

16. Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush

While not completely zero waste because the bristles are made of BPA free polymers that will need to be removed and disposed of before the bamboo handle can be composted, it’s much better than non-biodegradable plastic toothbrushes that sit in landfills. There are plenty of bamboo toothbrushes on the market; check out the Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush it was created by a Brisbane dentist and there’s a size to suit the entire family.

The Environmental Toothbrush $4.95 via Flora & Fauna

17. Bamboo hairbrushes

Forget plastic hairbrushes, your mane deserves high performance, eco-friendly brushes that will work when your hair is wet or dry. Bass Brushes produce a range of hairbrushes and combs made from sustainable wood.

Bass Brush $16.95 via Flora & Fauna

18. Handkerchiefs

It’s a blast from the past, but with eco-consciousness on the rise, people are rejecting single-use tissues in favour of carrying a traditional handkerchief as our grandparents were accustomed to doing You can make one from old cotton cloth, but if you’re not much of a DIY-er and purchasing second-hand turns you off (completely understandable) just purchase one off of Etsy. There are ones made of organic cotton, linen, recycled materials and come in classic colours or patterns. Use and then throw in wash. You’ll never need to buy a box of tissues again.

Handmade organic cotton handkerchief $11.95 via Etsy

19. Reusable bread bag

Most people purchase bread from the supermarket as it’s cheap and more convenient, but it comes in single-use soft plastics packaging. While this packaging can be recycled (at select locations) the aim is to reduce waste. If a local baker accessible, buy package-free bread and store it in a reusable, washable bread bag like the Bread Swag storage bag below.

The Swag Bread Bag $22.95 from Biome

20. Reusable food wraps

Cling wrap will be a thing of the past with handcrafted reusable food wraps. While some contain beeswax, there are also vegan wraps available. These can be reused for up to one year and are great for covering leftover dinner or salad bowls, or wrapping half eaten food, cut vegetables and sandwiches.

Wrappa vegan reusable food wraps 3-pack $37 from Biome

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Feature image via The Clean Collective.

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