Gifts for the Australian Mum: Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Gifts for the Australian Mum: Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

To honour your mum and the special women in your life this Mother’s Day, why not come bearing eco-friendly gifts that honour the great Mother Earth as well? If you’re giving a gift to show love and appreciation, you should carefully select something special and unique for your mom; something she will especially like because you’ve selected it just for her.

So here are some Mother’s Day eco-friendly gift ideas to consider if you’re stuck on what to get your incredible mum:

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mum’s Self-Care and Wellbeing

Sometimes a Mother’s Day card might come off as too impersonal while a bouquet of flowers is extremely cliché. Why not give your mum the gift of self-care?

We bet your mum would love a good night’s sleep so why not get her some sustainable bed sheets, organic and Fairtrade of course! Bhumi luxury organic cotton bedding fits the bill. It simply says, I care for your wellbeing and want what’s best for you skin mum. There’s also a wide range of other Bhumi products to choose from if you don’t think bedding is her thing. There’s quilted blankets, cable knit throws, and organic cotton head wraps for that ‘I’ve just had a luxury spa’ feeling. Bhumi’s fabrics are dyed from GOTS non-toxic dyes too. If you’re unsure what colours your mum will like, just purchase a gift card and let her choose.

Credit: Bhumi

Now if bedding doesn’t tickle her fancy, what about getting your mum voucher to a luxury spa? Just perform a quick online search and find one that you like the look of that you think she’ll like too. You want her to feel special and have a magical time so if in doubt, purchase a voucher with a space that looks super Instagrammable and has great reviews too!

If a luxury spa voucher is outside of your price point, your mum can still recreate that feeling if you give her a set of luxurious bath products that are organic, cruelty-free and smells divine. Dr Bronner’s is a good first stop for budget-conscious shoppers seeking ethically-made, organic and fairtrade bath products. Feeling stuck? The Dr Bronner’s Joy Gift Pack will do the trick.

For something more upmarket, choose products from Kora Organics, a 100% Australian-made natural and certified organic skincare brand founded by beloved Australian model Miranda Kerr. Check out the KORA Organics Daily Ritual Kit if you don’t know what to choose as this kit has a little of everything that will make your mum feel revitalised and rejuvenated!

KORA Organics Daily Ritual Kit $44.95 from Nourished Life

If your mum loves a good scent, make sure to get her a natural perfume that is non-toxic. Many synthetic fragrances can cause headaches, dizziness and skin irritation. Australian Eco-friendly perfume brand Aromantik has a great range of scents or check out this complete list eco perfumes.

Aromantik eco-friendly perfumes

Now when we think of self-care we think of pampering the body, but food makes people just as happy, particularly chocolates. For Mother’s Day, don’t just give mom any kind of chocolate, choose chocolates that are fair trade certified and organic. Shopping for the most sinfully delicious chocolates that were made by child slaves or forced labourers on cacao farms is the least loving thing you can give your mama. Your mom deserves to enjoy every bite knowing that no human was exploited in the process. Check out Bahen & Co. for fair trade organic chocolate. For vegan, gluten-free, palm-oil free chocolates, Booja-Booja Vegan Chocolate Truffles are the way to go.

Booja-Booja Organic Chocolate Truffles 12-pack $17.95 from Biome

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mum’s Wardrobe

If your mum is a fashion lover, she’ll love some additions to her sustainable wardrobe.

If she’s a bit like Imelda Marcos and loves footwear, why not gift her a pair that care for her feet? The ‘Lizzielooms’ shoes by feelgoodz are eco-friendly ballet slipper style shoes that are hand woven and crafted in Guatemala from vegetable-dyed natural fibers. The artisans still use traditional methods that were used by the Mayan culture for centuries. The Lizzielooms slippers are designed for coziness, comfort and consciousness. These slippers are perfect for mama’s tired feet. Perfect for the home, for weekends away, for long-haul flights and anywhere she wants her feet to feel cozy.

feelgoodz ‘Lizzielooms’ shoes

For the mothers who love beachside escapes, shopping at farmers or flea markets or lunching with the ladies, Brave Soles sandals are ideal. This social enterprise produces a stylish range of classic sandals from leather and hand-cut recycled tire soles and materials responsibly made by artisans in the Dominican Republic. You’re bound to find a pair from the Brave Soles gorgeous collection of ethically-made sandals to suit your mum’s style, taste and preferences. For vegan shoes and sandals for your mum, this page has a great list of cruelty-free brands.

Brave Soles collection of stylish and classic ethically-made sandals.

If you can’t decide what ethical fashion item to choose for mum (bags, jewellery, shoes, sunglasses, dresses, it can get confusing indeed) a gift voucher from a multi-brand e-commerce store that stocks sustainable fashion items such as THE ICONIC is a safe idea. Prefer to support small ethical fashion online stores? Check out Well Made Clothesand The Fashion Advocate. For a comprehensive list of ethical fashion sites, click here.

Honest Department offers affordable ethical fashion to women across the world
Honest Department stocks a gorgeous selection of ethical and sustainable fashion brands.

Giving your mum a Mother’s Day gift is an event that should involve more than just crossing off an item on your annual to-do list. Consider her personality, her likes and preferences, what she may need in her life and choose a gift that she would love that also makes her feel loved. Show her that she did a good job raising her kid by giving something that is eco-conscious, thoughtful and something she’ll talk about for years to come.

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Title image via the Honest Department.

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