8 Ethical Brands for Sustainable Joggers and Sweatpants

8 Ethical Brands for Sustainable Joggers and Sweatpants

More people are switching to a healthy lifestyle. There are plant-based diets, new-fangled workout routines, soul pampering sessions, and with the rise of this holistic approach to living, health-conscious people are looking for a great wardrobe filled with sustainable athleisure that reflects their conscious lifestyles.

These holistic health buffs are, quite naturally, eco warriors because conscious living also requires an understanding of learning to live in harmony with the planet. They are aware of the accelerating devastations of human-induced activity on the earth and that climate change is a huge factor in its decline.

If you’re a fitness fanatic who cares about sustainability and the environment, these brands produce sustainable joggers and sweat pants that cater to your healthy lifestyle while minimising your negative environmental impact.

1. dk active

This Australian ethical activewear brand manufacturers classic tapered joggers and drawstring sweatpants made with premium fabrics such as organic french terry fabric and brushed Italian Lycra; ideal for style and comfort. Manufactured under Fair-Trade certified conditions in a solar-powered factory in North Brisbane, dk active’s range of eco-friendly joggers and sweatpants is suitable for workouts, grocery runs and everywhere in between.

Where to buy: dkactive.com

Prices start from A$89.95 but there’s always stock on sale too!

2. PACT Apparel

This US sustainable basics brand manufacturers ethically-made joggers and drawstring sweat pants made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. Manufactured under Fair-Trade certified conditions and priced from as low as $30, this is by far one of the most affordable sustainable brands (and it produces basics for the entire family too!).

Where to buy: wearpact.com

Joggers made with 60% organic cotton 40% recycled polyester $45

3. Tentree

Tentree is an American sustainable clothing company that is committed to planting ten trees for every purchase made, hence its name. Producing joggers and other casual wear made from sustainable fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials, the brand launched in 2012 and has already planted 30 million trees and counting! These trees are being planted in areas of need in Canada, USA, Cambodia, Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti and Senegal. Learn more about tentree here.

Where to buy: tentree.com

Tentree ‘Bamone’ Organic cotton and Recycled Polyester Sweatpants A$81

4. prAna

The California-based sustainable brand prAna caters to both male and females, selling high-quality, fair-trade casual wear made of eco-friendly materials such as hemp, recycled polyester, Lenzing Tencel and Lyocell. Their joggers and sweat pants are comfortable, super stylish and make a great addition to any ethical wardrobe.

Wear to buy: prana.com

prAna ‘Cozy Up’ women’s joggers $89

5. Bhumi

Australian sustainable lifestyle label Bhumi produces sustainable tracksuit pants and yoga wear featuring GOTS-certified and Fairtrade organic cotton and low-impact water-based dyes that are free from harmful chemicals. The brand also has a luxurious range of organic cotton bedding that also deserve a mention if you want all round bedroom comfort.

Where to buy: bhumi.com.au

Bhumi 100% organic cotton shirring jogger A$119

6. LA Relaxed

LA Relaxed creates a stylish, functional ethically-made range of joggers and sweat pants in Los Angeles, California. The business produces its collections from plant-based fabrics that are known for its sustainability qualities such as organic cotton, Modal, which is grown and produced from sustainably harvested Beech wood and uses a low-impact, water recycling process; Tencel which is made from eucalyptus trees using a process called closed-loop which minimizes water and chemical use; and cotton and hemp which when paired together create soft but durable fabric.

Where to buy: larelaxed.com

LA Relaxed ‘Linden’ Jogger in midnight colour $42
LA Relaxed ‘Luxx’ Jogger $62

7. Satva

While most activewear is made from nylon or polyester, Satva Sustainable ActiveWear creates ethical and eco-friendly casual apparel using organic, non-GMO cotton, recycled materials and non-toxic plant-based dyes in its collections. This ethical brand works in partnership with Suminter India Organics, an environmental and socially-conscious cotton production corporation in India that pays its workers living wages. The brand’s mission is to produce conscious apparel for vibrant women that builds a holistic and harmonious ecosystem with every wear.

Where to buy: satvaliving.com

Satva Tao Jogger in Heather Grey $68
Satva ‘Kara’ Joggers in pink $64

8. Organic Crew

Organic Crew is an Australian eco-friendly and organic fashion brand focussing on high quality casual basics and luxe wardrobe essentials. All garments are made using 100% organic cotton and is responsibly manufactured by specialised garment workers in Melbourne, Australia and Tirupur, India. Their range of track pants and joggers come in a variety of flattering colours and styles, ideal for the fashion lover who likes to get about town in comfort.

Where to buy: From THE ICONIC Considered here

Organic Crew Track Pants in saffron A$139
Organic Crew Track Pants in saffron A$139

With the planet suffocating under waste, pollution and climate change, we encourage everyone to be responsible with every choice they make, fashion or otherwise. I leave you with a short animated film to help you decide how you want to choose your work-out clothes. May the ethical choice be with you!

Disclosure: The curated list does not fully take into account all ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. You can also check out online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings here. This list also contains affiliate links. For more information, click here.

Feature image via dkactive.com.

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