Take 3 for the Sea: A Social Movement to Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans

Take 3 for the Sea: A Social Movement to Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans

Not-for-profit environmental organisation Take 3 For The Sea has increased their efforts in conserving the environment and protecting wildlife by creating their biggest movement yet through social media with their latest campaign the #Take3Challenge. Targeting people that are connected to the planet, the campaign encourages a simple action that leads to considerable change, encouraging everyone to act by simply taking three pieces of rubbish with them when leaving the beach. 

The #Take3Challenge goes one step further; urging people to tag three friends or family members on social media when participating in the initiative to accelerate action to conserve the environment. The goal? To remove one million pieces of rubbish from the environment by the end of April. With the ever growing plastic pollution problem and its effect on the oceans, the #Take3Challenge is necessary now more than ever. 

“Wherever we are, we are connected to the sea it provides us with the oxygen we need to breathe and supports the climate that we live off. We need a healthy ocean for our own survival.”

Take 3 for the Sea community beach clean up. All images supplied.
Take 3 for the Sea- Beach Clean Up Social Movement to Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans

The Take 3 campaign was launched by CEO, co-founder and environmentalist Tim Silverwood who shared the challenge by tagging three others across the organisation’s global social platforms. In the first three days the challenge was seen by over three million people and supported by prominent Australian personalities and popular organisations such as Isabel Lucas, Sarah Wilson, Ace Buchan, Bondi Harvest and the World Surf League.

“It’s a really simple process, you just pick up three pieces of rubbish every time you go down to the ocean. And now I’m going to tag three of my ocean-loving, fish-loving friends. Together let’s aim to remove one million pieces of rubbish from the environment.” – Sarah Wilson, New York Times best selling author of I Quit Sugar.

Take 3 believes anyone can have influence through social media, partnering with influencer agency Social Soup to use social influence for good. While there is often a negative stigma attached to social media platforms, particularly Instagram with its endless display of selfies, Photoshopped-perfect lifestyle images, promotion of mindless mass consumption and unrealistic expectations – social media can also be used as a force for good, particularly to disseminate important messages. Take 3 is hoping to utilise its positive power to build support for its initiative and help galvanise people to protect the oceans. Whether an individual has one million followers or just a handful of friends and family within their social network, every #Take3Challenge post has the ability to empower.

Take 3 for the Sea CEO and co-founder Tim Silverwood picks up three pieces of rubbish. Credit: Tom Batrouney
Take 3 for the Sea Beach Clean Up Initiative - Photo by Nick-Pumphrey
Swimming amongst ocean plastic pollution. Credit: Nick Pumphrey

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“The Take 3 Challenge harnesses social influence for good,” says Tim Silverwood. “Whilst there’s no doubt social media can create negative impacts on individuals and society, Take 3 has shown it can also generate profound positives.

Take 3 and Social Soup are pleased to be working together to showcase the positive social and environmental impacts our simple message can have.”

You can get involved by sharing a photo or video of yourself removing three items of rubbish from the beach and sharing to your Instagram or Facebook account using the hashtag #Take3Challenge. Don’t forget to tag three friends in your caption so that they can be a part of the movement!

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Title image courtesy of Take 3 for the Sea.

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