EKO Mindful Boss Ladies Series: Sustainable Stylist Faye De Lanty on Following Her Purpose and Dealing with Rejection

EKO Mindful Boss Ladies Series: Sustainable Stylist Faye De Lanty on Following Her Purpose and Dealing with Rejection

Faye Delanty is the founder of Australian fashion blog Fashion Hound and is one of Australia’s most recognisable sustainable stylists and thrift store advocates. Formerly a presenter of Network Ten’s Totally Wild, Faye makes regular TV appearances as a fashion commentator, is the Australian Salvos Stores Ambassador and is a committed environmentalist. In the lead up to the EKO Mindful Boss Ladies Sydney brunch event, we interviewed this fierce and accomplished Sydney-based stylist to talk how she developed the mindset to pursue her purpose, how she deals with rejection in her styling career and what she wishes followers knew about her work.

EWP: Why do you do what you do?

Faye De Lanty: I am so beyond passionate about showing people that second hand never ever has to mean sacrificing style or be second best. This might sound crazy but I actually feel it’s my divine appointment to Mother Nature, it’s what I’m here to do, be a shape shifter of sorts. The joy of my job and being able to follow my bliss drives me but also knowing that I am able to be of great service to people and the planet. This is so beyond me personally. 

EWP: To pursue a heart-centred career takes courage. How did you develop the mindset to do so?

FD: I definitely dipped my toe in and out of the water a few times before I was brave enough to dive in fully. When I started this journey over seven years ago I didn’t even really have a description or elevator pitch for my desired job, no one was doing it; in short, it didn’t exist… so I created it.

I could see how I could use my unique skill set and life’s purpose to really make a difference. So I legit just walked into a Salvos store and asked to speak to the manager; from there magic began to unfold. My vision came from a time when thrift shopping was genuinely all I could afford and so I would challenge myself to recreate designer looks for less. The more I did it, the more people would ask about what I was wearing. During this time I personally felt the segregation of mainstream fashion, if you couldn’t afford it you weren’t cool, relevant or chic. I didn’t want other people to feel like that so I set about making a change.

The other elements that really helped me take the leap of faith was meditation and my wonderful boyfriend at the time (now husband) believing I could before I did. 

EWP: Can you share one time you’ve been rejected while launching your career? How did you overcome it?

FD: OMG so many rejections, even just last week! But I have this weird chip in my personality that if you tell me NO I will create a YES to defy the odds – I get that from my dad I think, the hustler instinct. Don’t get me wrong I will wallow in it for a while but then, with the help of my hubby, I will see just how much I have to be grateful for and that focusing on that low vibration energy will only create more of it – so I use the no’s to fuel new possibility. 

EWP: On social media it can often appear that people have achieved instant success but as Mindful Boss Ladies we know there’s no such thing. What are some things you wish followers knew about your journey that you rarely share on social?

FD: Oh yes the dreaded ‘highlight reel’ haha my goodness! I wish there was a short cut but success is about all the small action steps every day, showing up, being consistent and a big learning curve for me lately – letting go of perfectionistic tendencies. Because of my background in television I was stalling posting video content because I was worried it wasn’t going to be the high production values I was used to, so I was stopping myself. This led to creative stagnation and feeling pretty stuck to be honest; I wasn’t using my gifts to their full extent. One day I just really got sick of it and thought bugger it just try, my first IGTV video was by no means perfect but people loved it! It showed me that it’s really only ourselves putting that insane pressure on ourselves, everyone else is just stoked to hear your wisdom and get helpful advice.

I think the other misconception about my job is that it’s super glamorous and I just go shopping all day – if only. I do it all myself, including trekking through boxes and bags, heavy lifting, conceptualising ideas, educating staff, creating content, content pitching and collaborating for innovation and new ideas. There are so many layers to my job – I LOVE it but it is a HUGE amount of work and the tiny one percent glamour comes right at the end after many many mundane steps. But I so enjoy the ride, all the moving parts. 

EWP: Pursuing a purpose-driven career takes hard work and requires long hours. What do you do for self-care?

FD: Oh yesssss so many hours! Transcendental Meditation and bikram yoga are my saviour; seriously without them I think I’d be nuts! Also taking time out with my husband Lee is so healing too. He’s seriously the coolest person ever, he calms me and helps me get out of my head plus his hugs are second to none. 

EWP: Biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

FD: Nothing worth having is easy! I’ve definitely had a few stop starts because I didn’t put the effort in required – I too was keen for that quick fix. Looking back, I also realised those roles weren’t my complete passion or divine purpose. What I do now IS and it’s so worth all the work I have to put in. Consistency is key as is doing something that you absolutely adore. Someone once asked me what do you do when you’re ‘wasting time’? Turns out it was op shopping and when I wasn’t op shopping I was dreaming about fashion and crafting outfits from op shop fashion. I genuinely thought I was ‘wasting time’ but turns out my passion and divine purpose was right under my nose all along, it just took me some time and life learnings to sniff it out. 

If you want to learn more about the techniques and strategies Faye used to get her to where she is, what enables her to continue taking risks in her fashion career, and how she continues to pursue her goals in a more meaningful way, you can hear more from this heart-centred kick-ass woman at the EKO Mindful Boss Ladies event behind held during Fashion Revolution Week on Sat April 27. We encourage you to grab your tickets now before they’re all sold out! See you there!

Responses were edited for clarity.

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